Sneak peek at Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging pad

Mobile technology is advancing at a rapid rate with devices offering consumers much more than a device that can make and receive calls. You only have to go back a few years to remember handsets that would barely fit into our pockets, and today we are having a sneak peek at the Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging pad.

Earlier today we told you about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 which will be running the new Windows Phone 8 operating system, and it is expected to be officially revealed tomorrow at an event in New York that the handset maker is holding along with Microsoft.

In the meantime the guys over at The Verge have learnt that Nokia is also going to introduce their new Windows Phone 8 devices, along with the new wireless charging capabilities. It is thought that the new devices will come with the charging station or a charging pad as part of the included package.

The wireless charging will take place by using the induction method and the company will make use of the Qi wireless power standard, which will allow the handsets to also be compatible with other third party induction charging products.

For those that still want to make use of a car charger or other more conventional means of powering their Nokia Lumia 920 needn’t worry, as the handset will also feature a standard charging port. As Nokia had stated previously future Lumia smartphones would feature the award winning PureView camera technology, and with desirable looking devices such as these its flagging fortunes could be about to improve significantly.

It remains to be seen though whether the buying public will be willing to give the Windows Phone platform and Nokia a go by actually parting with cash for the hardware. Do you like the idea of wireless charging?


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  1. I love the idea of wireless charging but not at the expense of having to use WindowsPhone. Assuming the phone would charge from any wireless signal then WiFi, Bluetooth etc will charge the phone. If not, then the thought of powering the charging mat full time sounds like an absurd waste of money. I’d rather stick with the normal charging method.

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