ANZ goMoney Android app for convenient banking

Technology continues to advance with many products designed to make our lives easier and more straight forward, and one area that continues to offer new ways to improve people’s lifestyles are smartphone applications. One such application is the ANZ goMoney app for Android that is aimed at convenient banking.

An article on ZDNet is reporting that the application has been available for iOS users since August 2010, and it allows users to easily transfer money between third party accounts by only using mobile phone details. ANZ claim to be the first bank to provide an application for the iPhone platform, and in August processed 5 million transactions via more than 700,000 goMoney users.

The bank stated that its customers have so far transferred over $10 billion via their mobile phones this year alone. Glen Haslam of ANZ stated that there has been a high demand for an Android version of the goMoney application, and added that “a lot of work has been done to ensure our Android version is just as secure and easy to use as our iPhone app”.

The company has also revealed that it worked hard to release a native Android app that has been customized especially for Android users, and the Android version has 95% of the features that can be found on the iOS application.

Currently the Android version of the app users are not able to create nicknames for different bank accounts, but this feature will be added in a future update. Along with applications we are seeing more smartphones being made available that feature NFC connectivity. To find out more and to download the goMoney application head over to Google Play.

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