Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillow for WP8 users

The Nokia Microsoft Windows Phone 8 event has kicked off and there are new products being released, say hello to the brand new Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillow, that will work great for the newly announced Nokia Lumia 920.

This Fatboy wireless charging pillow is compact and will give you that extra juicing power for your Windows Phone 8 handset, Nokia has also partnered with the likes of Coffee Bean, Virgin Atlantic and Tea Leaf, and this charging pillow will be embedded into tables at the drinks chains as well as Virgin lounges.

SlashGear also mentions that Nokia is now with the Qi platform for its charging system, and this means that the Finnish company systems will be compatible with other Qi-based systems from other manufacturers.

We can see this pillow going mainstream and not just in chosen places, this will be a whole new industry in the making and will make the every day customer very happy indeed. At the moment there is no release date or price set for the Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillow, so please sit back and wait patiently as we will be bringing you more information soon as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillow for WP8 users”

  1. Kascha K. says:

    Does this pillow you know….vibrate, at all? Perhaps accidentally?

    Sorry it’s just that it’s small and all and you know. Like what if the phone falls off?

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