Acer Iconia Tab A100, A200 & A500 letdown with no 4.1 Jelly Bean update

There is always news coming through for different devices about to receive operating system updates and we like to keep readers informed about this. Many people are waiting for the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to come to their devices but we have some bad news today if you’re the owner of an Acer A100, A200 or A500 tablet as it seems that these will not be updated to 4.1 Jelly Bean.

This news is bound to cause some frustration amongst users especially as the Jelly Bean update is now ready for the Acer Iconia Tab A700 and the Transformer Pad Infinity but sadly it does seem as though the info about the A100, A200 and A500 is accurate as it comes direct from an Acer spokesperson. This person said that those devices will not get their taste of Jelly Bean although offered no explanation as to why not.

An article on Ubergizmo informs us of this and although we have no way of independently verifying this we have no reason to believe that the site has it wrong. Their report also discusses how this will be a blow for some although also mentions that the lively Android developer communities have come up with custom ROMs for Jelly Bean and these tablets if you’re of the inclination to use alternative methods. We don’t recommend this but nevertheless know that many people use custom ROMs instead of official updates.

However there are plenty of users who would rather not attempt this and who may be a little put out at the thought of having to stick with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’re the owner of one of these Acer tablets that will not be getting the Jelly Bean update let us know how you feel about this.

Are you happy enough to continue using ICS or maybe you find it really frustrating that Jelly Bean isn’t heading your way? Send your comments to us about this.


27 thoughts on “Acer Iconia Tab A100, A200 & A500 letdown with no 4.1 Jelly Bean update”

  1. Brenden 'Woody' Wood says:

    Going from Honeycomb to ICS on the Acer A500 fixed a lot of major issues. The upgrade to Jellybean would be nice but isn’t as necessary as the ICS update was.

  2. Patrick says:

    Granted the ICS upgrade solved a LOT of issues with the A500, but it still needs the Jellybean upgrade. Things are not as fast or as smooth as they could, nay should be. Come on Acer. It doesn’t take that much to release an official ROM for the A500.

  3. Corkey Lloyd says:

    This news really sucks I guess its time for a change I think Samsung is the way to go the hell with Acer and I was ready to buy the Acer 700 forget it now I will give this tablet to my son

  4. Kman says:

    At least, Acer should upgrade all of it Android tablets to
    Jelly Bean. Any other OS upgrade down
    the road can be done on newer models like the A700, A510 & A110. Since there are a lot of vendors out there competing
    for the same android tablet market, Acer should not get it customers up sad.

  5. dre99s says:

    I have been a loyal Acer customer and purchased BOTH the A500 and the A100. To now find out that Acer is stopping support for two products that I have owned for about a year is completely unaccpetable. That is about $650 worth of products from this company. I will never purchase an Acer product again. I see that ASUS is looking to upgrade their Transformer (Tegra 2) tablet that was released about the same time as the A500 to Jelly Bean. That is a strong commitment to thier customers and products. Actions speak much louder than words.

  6. islandboy! says:

    man this is a bag of b.s i am, was a faithful acer owner but to think the device has the capabality and the company just doesn’t want to update is wrong . what ? are they trying to boost the a700 sales ? before i buy the 7 i would buy the galaxy u know why because i might buy the 7 and 2 years down the road i ghet more bad news that the latest version wont come to me so F that and acer can kiss it!

  7. Oliver Brown says:

    I’m disappointed that there will be no Jelly Bean, but I’m happy with ICS. I’ll still use the A500 until it dies, and still fairly happy with it.

  8. annoyed says:

    i keep telling my friends to go acer, i have the a500 and thought it was the best in its class
    but if acer isnt going to support its customers, it wont have many for long; now advising all friends to go samsung or asus, atleast theyre trying for their customers

  9. sparky47 says:

    I am an owner of an Acer A500 and I bought this table trusting Acer to keep it updated.
    If Acer fails to keep the Acer Tablets updated I will not buy another Acer product

  10. Patrick says:

    I’f this is true, I am done purchasing Acer products. I own both a galaxy tab and an Acer a500. Prefer the galaxy anyways, but thiswill solidify my feelings of being done with Acer!

  11. CommonSence says:

    Not true!!!!!!! No one known right now if a100,a200,a500 will get jelly bean!!!! Its in testing stages and No one knows if it coming out for a100,a200,a500 Acer said their testing JB on all their tablet and most likely to come out for all their tablets !!!!!!!!!!! End of story !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. billj says:

    My wife and son have Ipads and I have compared my A500 to them often. My concern was that Android ICS still had a way to go to catch up to IOS and I was looking forward to Jelly Bean doing this. Now its not going to happen. I wont be an Acer fan after this.

  13. Disappointed says:

    Very disappointed that Jelly Bean not coming to an A100 near me. Infact I have a paid program that works fine until recently. Then the program seller tells me Android 4.0.3 not support. Only 4.1.1 is support. Not that I won’t get Jelly Bean, my paid program is as good as dead.

  14. harth abdulah mohamed says:

    i love acer a500 when it got the ics but now i have to sell it or throe it in the away

    no more update r they crazy

    i wish that google and LG give us a new nexus tab that will us be happy all time and for ever

  15. Tablet Owner says:

    I am an owner of A500. Have recommended Acer to many friends. This is totally unacceptable that Acer has decided not to upgrade to Jelly Bean. Have to change my mind about keeping this tablet and advising my friends otherwise

  16. This is the norm for any company not to support older model so you have to buy a new one dell did the same with alliaenware R3 and some R 4 not to upgrade so win 8 cannot be install same as I mark them as NEVER buy there product again

  17. Wilba says:

    To sell a product that had software flaws I.e. honeycomb but were told these would be resolved in future OS updates I.e ICS and JellyBean only to find the later JB isn’t going happen is wrong and a bad call by Acer. May be Acer can redeem themselves by offering a big discount to A500 owners to buy a new A700.
    If not my money will be going to a different vender in the future

  18. I own the Acer A 100 and a510 jelly bean made the difference on the a510 faster better . Would love to see a100 get the update I own Acer product only ( except my nexsus 7 love) lap top desk tops tablets with Windows w500 and android love them all …please Acer give us jellybean for the later devises a100 user ……

  19. Brewingbiker says:

    I own an Iconia A200 and must say I’m extremely disappointed by this news. I think ICS is well done, but like most people who own these kinds of gadgets, I am always looking for improvements. This is not my first Acer product (not by far) and I will not be so rash as to claim I’ll never buy another of their products (please name just ONE electronics company that has not orphaned a product. Just one.) -but I WILL admit that it will be a factor next time I’m in the market. That said, I’m still very happy with my tab -not sure I’ll bother with a modded ROM at this time. I’ve had pretty good results from doing that in the past. But the gains must outweigh the risks. If I turn the tab into a brick, or make it wildly unstable then can I afford to replace it? At this time, NO, I can’t. This was the benchmark I’ve used ever since I did my first hardware mod back in the early ’80s (and I HAVE produced a few paperweights or doorstops in my day).
    AS for boycotts, well some folks need to get a grip -sure, it hurts to be orphaned, but such is life -and was your tablet (OS) unstable and in dire need of the next upgrade?

  20. mark h says:

    I will complain..although they still wont do anything about it…because giving you no choice means,having to purchase a new product…but I won’t be purchasing acer again…I have an a200 and a500. Once I sell them good buy acer..Samsung has my eyes.Thanks for nothing Acer!

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