UK 4G LTE on way, but also looking at 5G

Over in the USA 4G LTE networks have been rolling out for ages, whilst over this side of the pong, the UK has yet to gain their first 4G LTE network, which is due to go live by EE later this month. However although the UK is somewhat behind in the 4G network stakes, it appears that the United Kingdom is already looking at 5G networks.

Apparently the UK doesn’t wish to be lagging behind after 4G LTE and as such a new research centre, which has been dubbed the 5G Centre, has gained backing to the tune of £35 million to start work on 5G services that could replace 4G later on as mobile data demands continue to grow.

The 5G Centre is apparently a joint venture between mobile companies Samsung, Fujitsu Laboratories Europe, Telefonica Europe, Huawei, and the University of Surrey, and will gain the funding from the government’s UK Research Partnership Investment Fund.

The head of the University of Surrey Centre for Communication Systems Research, Professor Rahim Tafazolli has said, unprecedented data traffic growth does need the urgent introduction of advanced 5G tech, which maximise the use of the limited available radio spectrum.

The professor also commented that beginning work on 5G now should mean the United Kingdom will become a leading country on the tech and also avoid the fate that has befallen the roll out of 4G LTE in the UK.

However, the International Telecommunications Union currently doesn’t have a standard for 5G, so it is somewhat difficult to know just how the work at the 5G Centre will progress, but Matthew Howett, an analyst for Ovum telecoms has told V3, it’s a step in the right direction, and suspects it will be focusing on making better use of the spectrum that will lead to higher speed and more throughput.

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