The Smartphone Revolution Infographic by Dialaphone

Keeping this short and sweet, but to the point. The progression of smartphone technology has been a swift and intense one, from the IBM Simon in 1993 to the devices of today such as the Samsung Galaxy S III which offer features including HD video recording, wireless sharing and mobile internet.

The ever evolving levels of functionality built into modern smartphones has led to their widespread adoption across the world, with users from the UK to the United Arab Emirates now having access to all the features that modern mobile technology brings.

But where will mobile tech take us in the future? Which operating system is the most widely used and what are the different processor options available? The path of the smartphone has become ever more complex, so in the future will we continue to use the technology in the same way?

Here, the team at Dialaphone takes a look at these questions and more with an infographic that delves into the evolution of the smartphone from its initial inception to the feature-packed device it has become today.

Please do take a look at the infographic below, love to know what you think?

smartphone revolution infographic
The Smartphone Revolution — Brought to you by the mobile phone experts at Dialaphone

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