Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake iPhone & iPad accessories

As smartphones and other mobile tech have advanced in recent times, so have the accessories that go with them. Car manufacturers are also making it easier for us to integrate our handsets into our cars, and we now have a report looking at Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake iPhone and iPad accessories.

According to an article over on eurasiareview there is more than one hundred quality but practical products that are part of the Genuine Accessories from Mercedes-Benz for the new CLS Shooting Brake.

For the Apple iPhone is the Drive Kit Plus that when used with the Digital DriveStyle application, allows the device to be seamlessly integrated into the CLS hooting Brake. This includes an advanced navigation offering from Garmin that features real-time traffic information, and online POI search that also includes 3D and Street View.

Other features include Facebook and Twitter integration, Personal Radio and a real time location sharing system that is called Glympse. This allows users to share their current location but only with pre-selected people, and the Drive Kit Plus is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2013.

Another product is the iPad Rear Integration Plusdocking station, which allows the full integration of the various iPad models in to the rear of the vehicle, without losing any of the devices functionality. The holder can also be moved through 90°, and the integrated USB interface allows for the charging of the tablet PC.

There is also the portable iPad Rear Integration kit that is suitable for all models of the iPad, and allows for the installation of the device to the struts of the head restraints attached to the front seats of the car.

Do you have any special accessories in your car that enhances the use of a mobile phone or tablet device?

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