iPhone 5 SmartFlex View case by Speck, we like

The Apple iPhone 5 has been with us for just over a month now in certain regions, but like any new tech product that is released, third party accessory manufacturers release numerous products for owners of the devices to choose from. Trouble is sorting through the various products to find out what is any good is not always easy, and today we have the iPhone 5 SmartFlex View case by Speck, which we like as a product.

An article over at Cult of Mac is looking at the new iPhone 5 case from Speck that features a built in kick stand that turns your device into a free standing display in either landscape mode, or portrait, which will be ideal when watching videos, playing games or using FaceTime.

Much of the case including the back and outer edge is made from a rubber material, and in turn should absorb most impacts if you are unfortunate enough to drop your handset, and a section of plastic is on the back that is the home of the built in stand.

While using the case you will still have access to all the handsets buttons, switches, and sockets, with the rubber edging covering the speakers, power button, and volume controls and keeping them safe and protected. The SmartFlex case is available in either black or purple and costs $35 with the best feature of the accessory being the built in stand.

It features a spring so the stand easily goes back into place when you have finished using in it, and stops it from inadvertently coming out on its own when not needed. The case fits the iPhone 5 nice and snugly protecting the smartphone from every angle, and a rubber bezel should protect the screen if dropped onto a flat surface.

The handsets camera is also protected while leaving enough space to stop the flash making a mess of your images, and the material the case is made of allows it to easily be put on or removed from the smartphone.

While being a nice feature of the handset the stand does make the case be a little bit bulker than a standard case, but it’s not overly thick. The reviewer was a little worried that the stand was a not strong enough to properly support the handset, but did wonder if that was just being over cautious, as in use it did perform well.

Reading the review and looking at the images we actually like the new Speck cases for the iPhone 5, and as we all know the handset is a lot lighter and thinner than in our eyes better feel iPhone 4S, this case will add a little thickness and bulk to the iPhone 5 giving you back that sturdier feel. To order the case for yourself click here.


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