Windows Phone 8 Event 2012 to outshine Google

I’m sure most will know that Microsoft is holding their Windows Phone 8 launch event in San Francisco later today, an event that was supposed to have been upstaged by the Google Playground event that was supposed to be held today in New York, but unfortunately has now been delayed due to hurricane Sandy, so Microsoft will have a clear field in which to grab all the attention.

According to an article over on Itwire, by way of the Windows Phone blog, there are two places when the Windows Phone faithful can watch the Windows Phone 8 launch live online, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Room, and Microsoft’s Facebook page.

The Microsoft Windows Phone 8 event 2012 is set to kick off at 10AM PST San Francisco time, or 1PM New York time today the 29th, or 6PM here in the United Kingdom, or on the 30th at 4AM in Australia, which will be followed by a launch in Australia at 8:30AM.

Obviously the Windows Phone 8 event will now outshine the Google Playground event as the Android event isn’t going to happen today, which is a bit of a shame as we would have liked to learnt just what the Google guys would have announced, with the possibilities of the LG Nexus or other Nexus devices.

Obviously the Microsoft event will officially unveil the new Windows Phone 8 operating system for smartphones that will link Windows Phone 8 to Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT strategy, and we should learn if Windows Phone 8 has any surprises in store along with seeing just how it compares with Android and iOS.

Are any of our readers disappointed that the Google Playground event has been delayed, and will you be catching up with everything Microsoft has to say about Windows Phone 8 later today?


3 thoughts on “Windows Phone 8 Event 2012 to outshine Google”

  1. John says:

    But you are expecting great news? Windows phone 8 is an under the hood improvement… the biggest novelty is the accessibiility controls, that I really hope are coming to 7.8 also… they really need a way to enlarge the beautifull fonts in some areas. That and the e.-mail client is black..

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