HTC 8X 20 pennies dig at Nokia Lumia 920

As you know Nokia has the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, and it appears that rival manufacturer HTC wants potential Windows Phone purchasers to consider that HTC’s Windows Phone, the HTC 8X weighs a bit less than its Nokia smartphone competitor, and just so people can see how much weight differentiation there is between the two handsets, HTC has taken a dig at the Lumia handset in the form of an image showing pennies.

HTC use their official Facebook page to take a dig at the Nokia Lumia 920 by posting a picture of the HTC 8X along with a stack of pennies, with the text below the image stating don’t get weighed down, the HTC 8X is more than 20 pennies lighter than that other Windows Phone.

Although the image doesn’t actually name the Nokia Lumia 920 as that other Windows Phone, it is fairly obvious this is a dig at the Nokia rival handset because the Lumia 920 weighs in at 185 grams and the 8X weighs 130 grams, but to be quite honest is it really that big a deal that the Lumia 920 weighs more than the 8X?

HTC seems to think so, although some commenter’s on the Facebook post don’t agree, with one saying they would rather have the extra weight of 20 pennies than carry around a copycat phone, whilst one says the difference is 20.5 pennies and HTC should get their facts right.

Another claims that after sale service from the ‘other’ is generally far better than HTC’s lip-service only style, whilst another says the ‘other’ phone has the world’s best touch screen, and so on, so it seems that the HTC post has seen a bit of a backlash from the Nokia faithful to say the least.

Not too sure why HTC thought they had to go after Nokia with their HTC 8X dig, but it does seem somewhat of a childish way of going about it, and after all it is just the weight of the handset they are pointing out.

So what do our readers think about this HTC dig at Nokia, does the weight of a handset make all that much difference to people? HTC Seems to think it does.


2 thoughts on “HTC 8X 20 pennies dig at Nokia Lumia 920”

  1. I’ve ordered the Lumia 920- it arrives later this week- but got worried when I saw some of the reviews saying how heavy it was. One reviewer said he couldn’t hold it for too long. So I went and actually looked at one- and yes- it’s heavy but to me it feels solid rather than hard to hold (that reviewer really needs to man-up!)
    But in terms of build quality WP users are rather spoilt. I’ve had three HTC phones (inc my current HTC Mozart) and one thing I’ve always liked about them is the quality. They always feel sturdy and solid in your hand.
    In comparison every Samsung phone I’ve held feels fragile and plasticky.

  2. Neniakitram says:

    The Nokia Lumia 920 weighs less than a bottle of beer, does anyone complain about the latter’s weight? Perhaps the HTC 8X’s ad might attract the penny-pinching cheapskates to buy their phone?

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