Contract Killer 2 Glu game for Android is mind blowing

Smartphone hardware is now allowing more advanced game titles to become available to users, and many of these games start off as a free download even though you sometimes have to purchase items to keep your progress going. Today we have news of the Contract Killer 2 Glu game for Android users, that many will find mind blowing.

The game is a follow on from the original that was released just over a year ago, and the sequel was recently released to the Google Play Store. The original game gained a lot of fans giving it positive reviews, and the same is now happening with the latest title.

As Phandroid are reporting the gameplay is reminiscent of the original but with a few nice additions thrown in for good measure. With the new game players are met with a much nicer menu system that is a lot less cluttered than the original, with users being able to easily pick the stage they want to tackle.

There is now actual character movement as such, by tapping a marker will move the character to that location and works well in the game, and melee combat sees you taking cover near an enemy to carry out that stealth kill. This will earn you bonus points besides avoiding being detected by your enemies, but you could always go in firing away at will as long as your contract doesn’t escape.

Completing a mission will allow you to spend the money earned equipping yourself with new weapons or upgrades, but the really good stuff does require users purchasing Glu Credits with real money, but this shouldn’t prevent you from progressing through the game as there are still plenty of weapons on offer without using the credit card.

The game is by no means perfect but considering it’s free it’s well worth a look, especially if you liked the original. It will be better suited to the larger screen size of a Nexus 7 tablet, but on my Samsung Galaxy S3 it played well.

Not all Android smartphones will be compatible with the game though as on Google Play it says that Android 2.1 or higher is needed, but when I went to download it to my Galaxy S3 it said it is not compatible with my old HTC Desire HD. Have you played Contract Killer 2?

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