Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic SG MAXX case review, outdoor bliss

We love reviewing products and today we will be talking a little about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic SG Maxx series case, this product will appeal to some so please do read on and make up your own mind. The SGS3 is a great smartphone with all the features you would want and then some, it totally makes sense that one should protect it at all costs and this is where the Ballistic comes into play, especially if you enjoy the outdoors.

There are many rugged cases you could choose from and they really do look rugged, now it is time to look at a rugged case with a little style to boot. Please do read our hands-on review and then let us know what you think.

If you work in construction, warehouses, or even the great outdoors where things get a little dirty and tough, then we can see this case being ideal for you. You might be into cycling, sports and so forth, and yet again the Samsung Galaxy S3 SG Maxx case would be just perfect. Let’s take a look at a few things starting of with our first impressions.

First Impressions
When we received the Samsung Galaxy S3 SG Maxx via the post we actually liked the packaging, it comes with 4 elements inside that includes the screen protector, the shock absorbent polymer, very tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell and last but not least the soft silicone equipped with reinforced Ballistic corners. So far so good by just looking at the case, seems straightforward to put together.

The Design
The whole design of the Ballistic SG Maxx for the Galaxy S3 is of top quality, if it was poor we would most definitely let you know, but it is fantastic. It offers pure engineered drop protection and is durable to take all the bumps; you know all the accidents your handset would not be able to endure without the case. The corners have all been reinforced as well as given you the no-slip grip feel, we love the fact that all the ports such as charging port and headphone socket etc are covered but yet still accessible.

The Key Features
These include: Advanced four layers of protection, lay-on-table feature means that the screen will never touch a surface when it has been laid flat on a table, No-slip stability when laid face down, Extremely durable horizontal holster and offers a rigid screen protector that one would think would not work when touching the touchscreen, but it works very well indeed.

The Positives
Will definitely protect your loved Samsung Galaxy S3, there is no doubting that as long as you do not go swimming with it, it is splash proof not waterproof. The durable holster has a 360-degree swivel action, comes with camera cutouts and is very rugged with the added style.

The Negatives
If you want to use this for normal use like going out with friends, then we would have to say it is a little too bulky for this. The shell itself really does love dust; it is like a magnet for the stuff. Personally we do not like the screen protect because it has a horrid matt feel to it, it does stop your SGS3 getting scratched there is no doubting that. The screen protector does work well when using the touchscreen, but for more intricate touches etc it seems a little cumbersome. It would have been a lot better if the camera was covered as well, sounds like a lot of negatives but do not let these put you off.

Phones Review Overall Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Ballistic SG Maxx series case overall is a fantastic looking one, we actually like the fact it comes in different colours, the one we had was black and white. It does make the Galaxy S3 look a little bulky but then it is supposed to, would be utterly pointless to have a thin case as that would add no protection at all. We actually are using this on our Samsung Galaxy S3 on a daily basis when out and about, now the question is “Would we buy one?” Well, yes would be the answer why not, it’s a great product.

Where to Buy
Please visit www.goballisticcase.com for more information, if you look around online you can find these cheaper than the site above.

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