Samsung Galaxy S3 via Sam’s Club for a dollar

Only a few days ago we discussed some of the best smartphones available for Christmas but of course for plenty of people the chance of owning a brand new phone is something they just can’t afford right now. One of the phones we mentioned was the Galaxy S3 but with many people facing economic hardship, splashing out for a new phone may seem unwise. However you may not have to pay as much as you think as Sam’s Club is to offer the Samsung Galaxy S3 for under a dollar on a two-year contract.

Firstly we’ll remind you of the very decent all-round specs for the Galaxy S3. The US variants of this phone feature a 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display with resolution of 1280 x 720, 2GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB of internal storage depending on carrier and expandable to 64GB, an 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p HD video capture and 1.9-megapixel front-facing shooter.

It runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich but will receive the update to Jelly Bean and this has already started rolling out in some regions. The Galaxy S3 also features a 2100mAh battery, NFC and 4G LTE support. We heard of this great deal from Sam’s Club through Android Authority, which has posted an ad with some Android devices for November 23.

Clearly shown is the Samsung Galaxy S3, which will be sold for only 0.96 cents on November 23 as an ‘in-club’ only deal. We’d imagine that this is for the 16GB version and it comes in white or blue color options. The ad doesn’t make it clear which carrier the Galaxy S3 will be bundled with but it certainly seems that if you had hoped for a new phone this season but have economic problems then the Galaxy S3 may not be out of your price range after all. With this in mind you might like to check out our recent comparison of the LG Nexus 4, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Galaxy S3 and this deal at Sam’s Club. Have you been hoping for a new smartphone? At this price on a new two-year contract the Galaxy S3 is a pretty remarkable offer so will you be taking advantage of this low price at Sam’s Club? Let us know with your comments.


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  1. Couponsmith says:

    Will cost about 1,600.00 more on 98cent phone in long run with 90 % less service pay 350 for phone with unlimited Internet save at least 2500.00 Over 2 years of contract with cancel of home web and land line over $3,000.00 in 2 years by not getting 98 cent phone last i phone cost over $4000.00 dollars

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