Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet, the iPad mini rival

Microsoft has recently released its new Surface tablet PC to the masses, but some new rumours have emerged that may be of interest to the gaming community that Microsoft are currently working on an 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet, which could be an ideal Apple iPad mini rival.

The Verge are claiming to have been contacted by a number of different sources stating that Microsoft are currently working on their own 7-inch gaming Surface tablet, which will feature all new hardware specifications that will be designed with gaming in mind.

These are believed to include a custom made ARM processor with high bandwidth RAM that will be ideal for complex gaming tasks, but there is scope for these specifications to be altered to make room for an unannounced Intel SoC.

Another feature that will appeal to gamers is the rumoured device won’t come running the same version of Windows 8 that the Surface already uses, instead it will use a custom version with the company building in features that will prioritize gaming before any tablet features.

The company is said to have developed a new hardware production process for the Surface devices, which doesn’t include partners that are currently used to build the Xbox 360 console. Earlier leaks suggested the device will have a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 using a processor with 288MB of RLDRAM 2.

Other features are claimed to be four USB 3.0 ports and an SD card port with the device being developed at the company’s offices in Silicon Valley. Microsoft recently restricted access to a number of Xbox related buildings, with only employees from the Interactive Entertainment Business arm getting access.

This move is probably the company ramping up testing of the device and designing and building software for the unit. It is widely believed that Microsoft will unveil a new home games console next year, and the Xbox Surface device is thought to be coming before then as long as it doesn’t get canned by the company.

If this device does see the light of day if it even exists, it could go up against the iPad mini and become the best gaming tablet available. Do you like the sound of an Xbox Surface device?


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  1. John says:

    Unless a decent game is created for the mobile platform, an Xbox Surface will flop. There aren’t any major selling games for mobile yet. There are a few good attempts, but nothing worth buying a mobile device FOR. People entertained by Angry Birds are not the same people that would buy an Xbox Surface.

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