Words with Friends & Draw Something Apps for Windows Phone

There are many mobile users out there that continue to get their gaming fix by playing popular mobile apps Words With Friends and Draw Something, and if you are on the Windows Phone platform you can now also get in on the addictive points scoring word game and just as addictive social drawing game.

The Draw Something app for Windows Phone is an ad free version of the social drawing and guessing game that comes with special bonuses such as 2500 word to draw, 5 free bombs, and 200 free coins. Whilst enabling the user to play with their friends on iOS and Android devices.

The Draw Something Windows Phone app also offers the usual turn based gameplay, the ability to turn doodles into colourful masterpieces with colour packs, whilst playing back and forth with friends on the leaderboard for the most turns.

The Draw Something app for the Windows Phone platform, is for devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher, and commands a price tag of $2.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Moving on to the Words With Friends app for Windows Phone handsets, again an ad free version of the application, which is a turn based game that enables the gamer to play up to 20 games simultaneously, with a simple and familiar gameplay.

The Words With friends app also allows the user to connect with Facebook, features in-game chat messaging so you can chat with family and friends, match instantly with random opponents or play with friends.

For those Windows Phone users that would like to play Words With Friends, you can download the app to your chosen Windows Phone device running Windows Phone 7.5 or above at a cost of $2.99.

Any of our Windows Phone toting readers playing with either of these mobile games?


One thought on “Words with Friends & Draw Something Apps for Windows Phone”

  1. relietz says:

    Draw Something is cool, but sometimes when you try to watch the video of the other player guessing your word, it grabs the wrong letters, so the video never actually ends, and then the app is stuck there. The only thing you can do is exit the app and move on to another game – so far I haven’t found a way to get around the bug. Apparently this happened with both Androind and iOS. You would think after that they could have prevented it in WP…

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