10 iPad Games without Noise

Having an iPad is a wonderful gadget, and playing the games on it is even better. Having a crisp, clean video is awesome, and if the video is followed by a high quality sound you are on the good road to have a great time. But what happens if you are at a place where you’re not allowed to play games with your sound turned on? If that’s the case, you just might want to have these games installed on your iPad.

Poker by Zinga
Who needs sounds when you’re playing a game of poker. Not me. You have all the cards and chips displayed on the table and all you have to do is to have that po-po-poker face to beat the opponents. I decided to place this one on a first place since everybody knows how to play poker, it’s pure fun and you can play against your Facebook friends as well.

Scrabble for iPad
Ah, the good old Scrabble I like to call it “The brain Gym”. You will have a choice of 5 different game modes and my personal favorite is the mode where you can play with your Facebook friends using the Internet connection. EA did a good job with this one.

Where is my Water?
This is a great one and you won’t need the sounds. Yes, the sounds do give more depth to the game but the game is awesome and it’s playable even if you mute the sound. There is a gator called Swampy and he needs some water, desperately. Your task is to bring that water a.s.a.p.

Collision Effect
It is a great time killer and you won’t be wrong if you decide to purchase this one in the iTunes store. What’s so great about it? Time flies like this (snap) when you’re playing it. It features beautiful graphics but the idea behind the game is what makes the difference. You’re in the Space and you need to match together the Orbs of the same color, while avoiding the different colored Orbs. Sounds simple but it’s actually a wonderful iPad experience.

Fruit Ninja HD
Oh yes, cutting and slashing are my favorite things. Why do you want to play this one? Cause you will have to slash some fruits and all this with a nice set of graphics. Who needs sounds when you can slash with your fingers?

Cut the rope
This is actually one of the best sellers and I am sure you’ve heard about this one. Why didn’t I place this one closer to the top? It’s because I would prefer old Poker. On the other hand, this game will be one of your favorite downloads, that’s for sure.

Doodle Jump
Another mega hit not placed closer to the top. Why I don’t like this one. Well, even though it became umber-popular and it is great fun I just can’t go over those early 90’s kind of graphics. It is a good time waster but your iPad deserves a better one.

7 Wonders-magical Mystery World
This is something like the Bejeweled or Tetris but in the new clothes. The scenes surrounding the game field are the scenes from the 7 Wonders of the Old world. You have to match 3 (or more) of the same icons to make them disappear. You don’t need sounds at all since the game is based on the graphics not the sounds. Oh yes, there are also some magic powers included, so it’s not just matching the same icons.

Battle Dots
This one is made exclusively for iPad. This means that your iPhone friends won’t be able to join you in connecting the dots. All you need to do is to connect the dots and make as much squares as possible.

IMDb Trivia
This one is playable on iOS devices and it is a great time-waster for the movie fanatics. The game comes free of charge and there are 2 in-app purchases of only $0.99, which is great. A lot of fun for not much money invested.

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