Samsung Galaxy S4 wish list no real surprise

It’s been almost 6 months since the release of the Galaxy S3, and it was no surprise just how popular the Android device was. However, like Apple, Samsung is always looking ahead to their next smartphone to succeed this, which as you would expect will be the Samsung Galaxy S4. The current S III is not perfect, and owners will be looking to the S IV to see what improvements can be made.

As you would imagine owners of the Galaxy S3 love their handset, but would admit that there are many areas that need to be improved. Don’t get us wrong the S3 is a pretty awesome phone, but that plastic design and the less than vibrant display are just two key features that need to see improvements.

We have already seen readers react to Engadget’s plea asking how they would change the Galaxy S3, and for the most part some of the ideas were no real surprise. It’s clear to see that a majority of people are not happy with the less than premium feel to the S3, so we would love Samsung to follow what Apple and Motorola have been doing by giving their handsets a more solid feel.

Speaking of the design, it’s also hoped that Samsung will ditch the Gorilla Glass and go for a flexible display, which would give them greater scope when designing the S IV. Then there’s the camera, we already discussed how the Galaxy S4 could benefit from the 13-megapixel shooter that was missing in the Note 2. Speaking of the camera, some current owners have expressed their wishes for Samsung to ditch the current sensor and go with Sony ones instead, which will no doubt help to improve low-light performance.

However, when looking over the wish list the biggest changes needed/wanted seem to be to the software, but we’d like to know if you would agree with this, or any of the other things that have been discussed in the link above?


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 wish list no real surprise”

  1. Twitch says:

    Glass and overall feel would be nice. Shipped with jb 4.2 and on the list for key lime (or whatever its gonna be called is a must). The one thing that overall will top it for me even without all the other perks, would be a quad core exynos processor and getting rid of the external storage idea. Make the phone in a 32gb and 64gb and offer it worldwide insteadof just intl for certain sizes. But like I said the killer for me is the processor and the fact that I have 16gb of internal and my external sd of 64gb does nothing for me but save pics and vids and stuff. Make it so one doesnt have to root their o hone to get this option.

  2. hubert satheesh says:

    Battery greater than 3000amp (preferably 3500 or more), solid build quality, less than 130mm in length and 70mm in width & 10mm in thickness, faster updates like nexus and never do away with the notification light, which means a lot.

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