Samsung Galaxy S4 design change, realistic specs

The Galaxy S3 (S III) smartphone has been a runaway success for Samsung and is still selling like hotcakes in the run up to the holiday season. However plenty of people have already turned their attention to the Galaxy S4 (S IV), which could see a release in the early part of 2013. One of the few things sometimes criticized about the Galaxy S3 was the design so it does look likely there will be a design change with the S4. Today we have a render to show you for the Galaxy S4 and we want to discuss some realistic specs.

As we’ve already said the Galaxy S3 is hugely popular but although some consumers were happy enough with the design, there were plenty more who felt the design looked cheap and felt cheap. This is something that Samsung could really improve upon with the next Galaxy S phone and below you can see a concept rendering of the Galaxy S4, which comes from designer Alessio94x. We’re pretty impressed with this design that manages to retain the overall look of the Galaxy S phones while offering enough of a change to make a difference and we imagine that plenty of readers would be happy to see the real Galaxy S4 turn up looking like this.

This Galaxy S4 image gives the impression of a very sleek and stylish handset and like it has a more premium finish and feel than its predecessor. It looks as though it has a textured rear and we’d like to think this could be a soft-finish to get away from the plastic-feel that cheapens the S3. The design also shows rear and front camera sensors and along with dual-LED flash we’d imagine that Samsung might step up to a 12-megapixel rear camera and we have previously heard rumors that video capture will feature stereo sound.

We’ve just had the release of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with the new Nexus 4 phone and by the time the Galaxy S4 arrives it seems likely that it will run the next major OS upgrade, Key Lime Pie, although it’s too early to tell whether this might be 4.3 or possibly Android 5.0. Other inclusions that seem more than plausible are LTE and NFC and possibly enhanced versions of S Voice and Nature UX. As far as processor, a step up to a 2GHz quad-core Exynos processor doesn’t sound impossible and while ever-increasing screen sizes are very much the trend we feel the 4.8-inches of the Galaxy S3 is still plenty big enough.

Talking about displays, we’ve spoken before about the new flexible Youm displays that Samsung is developing for 2013 and so it also looks feasible that a flexible display may feature on either the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy Note 3. On top of all this with the anticipated spec upgrades we are hoping for we’d like to see a much larger battery capacity to cope with it all. You may also be interested in our previous look at a video concept design for the Galaxy S4.

We’d like to hear from readers about the design render above and if it’s something you’d like to see for the Galaxy S4? Also taking a look at the specs we are hoping to see on the S4 is there anything you feel is an unrealistic expectation? Maybe you have ideas of your own for the Galaxy S4, such as stepping up storage to a 128GB model, being dustproof, waterproof or having a 3D display for example, or some other groundbreaking feature you’d like to see? Let us know with your comments.


25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 design change, realistic specs”

  1. Phablet313 says:

    I can’t wait for the Galaxy S4 – just in time for my contract too. As for the above renders the blog seems designed to get suckers like me to post here saying : “Isn’t that basically the S2 in grey with the back camera lense inset”. Well I said it (I feel so used). The feel and build quality of the outside of the Galaxy phones is the only place where Samsung and Android are really falling behind Apple. I love Android and Galaxy phones (no Galaxy Nexus 2 was a mistake !). I really hope they do sort the build quality and put another nail in the coffin of the iphone.

  2. Tony Walker says:

    What we need is a phone that goes forward physically not apps we can get an app, I would like a dedicated camera button as i have to wear gloves at work

  3. praveenminatour says:

    1.same size as galaxy s2
    2.long battery life
    3.advanced technology for finding the phone if it is lost gps is not accurate..
    4.slimmer than any other phones

  4. Dalbir_Singh says:

    I don’t care if the screen size increases but keep the dimensions the same or decrease them. What I really care about:

    1) Option to remove touchwiz.
    2) Better camera technology.
    3) Larger battery.
    4) The incremental spec upgrade.

  5. No touch wiz, keep it the same size, make it out of aluminum or something with more quality, maybe like the one s (micro arc oxidation). then bigger battery, better processor, the works. no blue finish, black or white, maybe the ativ s gun metal grey.

  6. shid says:

    what is wrong with home button?i like it.on the galaxy tab there’s no home button it feels so awkward, i think the abovedesign is well nice,yes id luv it if its waterproof n wt happened to wireless charging?

  7. Syuveil says:

    what I feel are important and likely, considering Galaxy S’s past:
    -removable back, removable battery, micro SD
    –those alone are persistant options that keep the galaxy S series on top of the competition, and I wouldn’t consider buying a phone that did not feature those.

    -Considering LG and Sony are both making 1080p 5″ displays, I really can’t see Samsung wanting to fall behind. At the same time, I cringe at the idea of yet another pen-tile matrix screen, (which would be quite likely with such a pixel increase) but at 440ppi, we probably would hardly see the difference (as I can easily see it on my SIII)

    -Either way, I think the SIV will have much less of a bezel than the render above. I believe there will be focus on making it compact, durable, and attractive. one thing I’ll agree with the render is that it would likely have more of a square shape and design than the sIII has. I hope for the textured finish in the render as well, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice accessability to the battery. (I often change out drained batteries for fresh ones on the go)

    -32GB main version, with a 50$ more 64GB version… potentially 128 in some markets (like the 64GB SIII)

    -Keeping the home button, and the menu and back touch buttons kk

    -A 10-12MP camera is definately due.

    -Serious improvements on S-voice is a given.

    -Dustproof, waterproof, and 3D screen are all about as likely as it being able to get up in the morning and make toast for you.

  8. Phani says:

    I seriously did not like the design it looks lot flat. The design of S3 was quite gud compared to this. I’m awaiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 from a month now and if this is going to be the design of it, then I’ll surely be disjointed and might actually change my opinion of buying it

  9. madhusudhan says:

    Great news,and a12megapixel rear camera will be stunning.and new features with the existing features will be good. 4.8inch or 5.0inch is ok.mostly increase the PPI. And a pricepoint of 45,000rupees would be great.also it should be a slap in the face of the iphone and its users.

  10. Show anyone a new Chinese made, 6.0 inch, twin SIM, thin, sophisticated, black, ‘pocketable’ smartphone – which simply slots into any regular jacket, bomber jacket, man-bag, ladies clutch bag or anyone’s document case – and I’ll show you someone who says ‘where can I get one of those’

    The answer, by the way … is ‘On the Web, unlocked, using eBay, or Amazon, direct in 3-4 days from a seller in China … or from me … in each case, for less than £170 !’

    Then, simply get yourself a GiffGaff SIM and have a Happy Christmas !

  11. serious george says:

    Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously???, Seriously!!!!!

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