Samsung Galaxy S4 video with believable specs and design

Samsung over the last couple of years has become a major player in the smartphone market with only Apple arguably being able to compete with the company. The company’s range of Galaxy handsets has achieved growing success with this year’s Galaxy S3 being released back in the summer, and now we have a Samsung Galaxy S4 video that features believable specs and design.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to sell well around the world, and has now even displaced the iPhone 4S as the top selling smartphone during the third quarter of this year. Some are now thinking towards what the Samsung Galaxy S4 will bring next year, and the team over on Concept Phones have been getting readers ideas on the next flagship smartphone from the company.

Designer Bob Freking wanted to know people’s suggestions for the Galaxy S4 and to come up with a concept based on these ideas. Below there is a video asking users what they would like to see in the Galaxy S4, with many suggesting an increase in screen size to a 5-inch display from the 4.8-inch Galaxy S3.

Other suggestions include a polycarbonate casing housing a 2.4GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The designer then came up with a promotional Samsung Galaxy S4 video based on the requests from Samsung fans, and some of the specifications include a 13 megapixel rear camera capable 1080p video capture at 30fps.

The handset would be encased in scratch and shatter proof glass with an aluminium version also available as well as six different finishes available on the back. On the front of the device would be a 3 megapixel front facing shooter that is also 1080p and Google Now and S Voice would be integrated together.

These are just some of the ideas that can be seen in the video below with the concept phone looking stunning while also being believable. We have already talked about what may be seen next year with both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6, and there is a good chance the likes of Samsung will push smartphone boundaries even further next year. Have a look at the two videos below and tell us what you think we will see next year.


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 video with believable specs and design”

  1. jonathan says:

    the concept would be perfect if they put the front camera back on the top of the phone. putting the front camera at the bottom is just hideous and senseless

  2. shid says:

    wooow i jus love samsung!unbeleivable im usin th samsung galaxy s3 lte version in white and its awesome!dropped it soo many times but not a scratch on it,and the actual setup of d fone with all these features nt evn iphone has,its awesome n cant wait til d s4 comes out!il b d first to gt it well dn samsung!

  3. Syuveil says:

    I think those specs are also fairly unrealistic. 2GB of RAM seems likely… maybe in the vicinity of 2.0GHz quad core…

    As well as a 5″ 1080p screen seems a possibility considering what LG and Sony have announced…. but a 1080p RGB matrix is a bit if a long-shot considering the galaxy sIII has a 720 Pen-tile matrix… only doubling the sub-pixel density…. you know, nothing unrealistic.

    Can’t forget the camera… let’s see…. Galaxy S-5MP.. Galaxy S II- 8 MP… Galaxy S III-8MP….. galaxy S IV- 13 MP….. yeah….. I doublt it. I’d believe 10-12, somewhere in there. I don’t think we can realistically hope for more than 12. besides, MP isn’t everything. they are more likely to think more about the less obvious technology, such as increasing quality of night shots, reducing grainy-ness and such.

    also…. has there ever been a company to release a flagship smartphone with…. murals on it? the reason they haven’t is because that is the kind of personal touch reserved for cases. they design the phones specifically so thet they will visually appeal to the largest group of people…. and getting to choose between 5 or 6 celestial wallpapers isn’t going to accomplish that.

    while we’re on the topic of look… why would they design it to look almost exactly like a nexus? (looking at the curved shape of the top and bottom, as well as the lack of home button, and arrangement of the camera and light on the back) if this was trying to predict the next nexus, I could probably see where your coming from (I also probably wouldn’t give a damn)

    now…. buttons. I hardly think samsung will abandon their home button. honestly, I love it, I hope it stays. and if they DID get rid of it, they’s use that real estate for screen expansion, and bezel reduction. not just remove it and leave the space empty. also… I get how people could want a camera button (or have it set so you can assign whatever you want to the physical shortcut button) but… looking at history, I don’t find it overly likely. unfortunately.

    all in all, I feel this concept to be unrealistic and unlikely, and feel that it should simply be discounted and ignored. this comment exists for the purpose of gettting the sheep to think reasonably.

    besides, I wouldn’t buy a smartphone without a removable battery…. in which case, you can simply bring spares (I get mine for 5$ a piece off ebay for my Galaxy S III, and keep them in a pocket in my backpack for quick access) we can assume, of course, looking at the past…. that the S IV WILL have a removable back and battery, and everything that entails.

  4. Silver0.1 says:

    A glowing s on the back for notification, it should be a neon blue but not too bright and should gradually eliminate…. Also the battery should be the best it can be, at least 10 to 12 hours on fairly heavy use for example streaming or game play. I like the current shape as its unique, don’t make it look like a Nokia lumia, nexus, htc or Motorola & deffenatly not iPhone… Im planning to switch from apple, it’s become boring and stale and could never own an iPhone without jailbrake. Also if the phone gets any taller it should get wider as to me personally iPhone 5 is not wide enough for the stretch it’s received.

  5. Junaid says:

    Samsung is Invincible, Grand Father of All mobiles, Apple should start selling just apples instead of apple phones, Samsung is Awesome no-one can beat the features of samsung beauty of samsung

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