iPhone vs Android in New York City is biased

It’s one question that sets the Android faithful and the iOS faithful against each other, and a question that will probably never really be answered in full. Which is more popular, the iPhone or Android? Obviously the iPhone faithful will stick firmly behind the Apple smartphone, whilst likewise the Android faithful will rally to the support of their chosen platform.

However there has been a little survey in New York City to find out which citizens prefer the iPhone and which prefer Android. The survey takes place in Washington Square Park and in video form, which naturally we have embedded below for your viewing consideration.

Although in the footage it does appear that when someone responds they prefer Android over iPhone, they are asked why, which does seem a little bias, as not many that say the iPhone are asked the same question.

However, according to the blurb with the video, they did ask iPhone users why they prefer the iPhone over Android, but apparently their replies were typically ‘not interesting’ so they edited them out, are they saying iPhone users are boring?

Of course some iPhone owners do say that they prefer the iOS smartphone because it is easier, and it just works, whilst some Android users basically dislike Apple’s control over their handset, and find Android more affordable.

The survey is a tad on the silly side pitting the iPhone against Android, as there are a great deal of Android devices available, so perhaps a better survey would have been to ask the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

Obviously I am not going to let on whether iPhone or Android comes out the winner in this video survey, but I will say that it doesn’t actually take in a great deal of users so is hardly a true representation of which is the most popular.

Like I said earlier, the iPhone faithful will remain true to Apple, as will the Android faithful remain true to the Google OS, and the debate whether one is more popular that the other will continue for a lot longer yet.

However, one does have to wonder just how far Apple can go with the iPhone in future, the iPhone 5 has brought the bigger screen to the iOS smartphone to catch up with larger display devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, but what else can Apple do with the iPhone to keep the smartphone at the top of the game?

Anyway, enough from me, I’ll let you head on down to mash that play button to find out the result of this video survey, and ask the same question of our readers, which so you prefer, iPhone or Android and why?

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