HTC Windows Phone 8S release delay rumors untrue

HTC has started to turn the tide when it comes to their presence in the smartphone market, as they have already begun the onslaught of releasing a handful of new devices. While some of them offer much more to the consumer than other models from the upcoming range, it’s good to see them catering for a wider audience. One such handset is the HTC Windows Phone 8S.

There had been several rumors to suggest that this handset was to be delayed, as we have not heard much since it was unveiled a couple of months back. The HTC Windows Phone 8S is a cheaper alternative to the 8X Plus, and we can tell you that Orange are more than happy to stick with the device, and we’re told we should expect a release date any day now, even though the expected release of Mid-November has now been and gone and we’re now nearing the end of the month.

Orange still lists the 8S by HTC as coming soon for both pay monthly and pay as you go, but you can register your interest so that they email you once the handset is released. One would expect the latest WP8 handset to land pretty soon if HTC and Orange hope to get some decent sales of this more affordable handset in the build up to the holiday season.

The 8S looks different to its larger sibling, the 8X mainly due to its size difference and better hardware, but don’t let that put you off as it’s still a pretty decent looking and performing handset. As it’s cheaper the feel of the device is not like the 8X, but this is to be expected. On a positive note the slightly smaller size does make it feel more comfortable to hold, but there will be a few disadvantage to this, more so when it comes to using the device for playing games or viewing websites — then again a 4-inch screen is the only choice for the latest iPhone.

Okay, so when the Windows Phone 8S by HTC is finally released to the Orange network in the UK you will see that it does not have the same wow factor as let’s say the Nokia Lumia 920, but at almost half the price who cares?

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