Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for Telstra 2013, Optus imminent

There’s nothing worse than being on a carrier that gets the latest smartphones/tablets months after carriers in other countries get them, but this is just what the likes of Telstra and Optus have to put up with, although the latter does not have as long to wait for one device. That device in question is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and will not be coming to Telstra until early 2013, but it’s imminent for Optus customers.

Now some of you will see this as a delay, but most of us know this is just how things work with such carriers. Those looking to get the Galaxy Note II on Optus were pleased when they were able to pre-order these devices on the 15th, so taking the 6 to 8 working days into account for delivery, you could get a knock on your day on Friday, if not then it’ll be after the weekend.

As you would imagine this long wait time for the Note 2 on Telstra has caused a bit of a backlash from angry customers, with some of them suggesting this is the reason why the company is failing. We can understand just what they mean, it’s pointless trying to compete in a business like this that is centered around the latest technology when you’re not likely to get it until months after. Having said that, some of the big North American carriers had the same issue with the Galaxy S3, as their European counterparts got their hands on those devices months before.

Either way this is bad news for Telstra because there’s now talk that some of their customers might go and take their business to another carrier, and we’re told that one company that could benefit from this mass exodus is Optus because they seem to have comparable plans to entice them.

For AU$60 per month you will get calls up to the value of AU$650, along with 1.5GB of data and unlimited texts each month.

There’s still no news as to when Vodafone Australia will be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note II either, which means that Optus could also benefit from Vodafone’s minor problem with not keeping their customers informed.

What does make us laugh is that while these carriers are about to offer the Galaxy Note 2 to their customers, there’s already talk about the Galaxy Note 3 and what we’re likely to see from Samsung sometime next year.


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  1. Yeah pretty dissappointed with Telstras 2013 release. Impressed with the Optus Galaxy Note 2 plan though. While its 4G LTE coverage isnt as big as Telstras the value you get for $60 month plan is really good. You are getting and extra 500mb of data compared to the similar price points of Telstras plans.

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