iPhone and Siri, The future of Smartphone

Siri is an iOS application, which functions as a knowledge navigator and intelligent personal assistant. A natural language user interface is used by Siri to perform actions, make recommendations, and answer questions by delegating petitions to a collection of Web services. Siri adapts to the individual preferences of the user over time and produces personalized results. It helps the user in getting directions, searching local restaurants, etc.

For decades, people had been using their devices via the standard Graphical User Interface (GUI). Then, came the touch-based user interface and became very popular after introduction of the iPhone. It is a great step towards a new sophisticated user interface. The day is not far away when your mind will control your iPhone. For any science fiction fan, mind reading is a wishful thinking and Siri is on its way to make this wish come true. Scientists from bioinformatics field have developed headsets with sophisticated sensors that can read electrical activity of the brain and recognize thoughts, concentration levels, excitement and facial expressions of human beings without their physical actions.

Nuance, the world leader in voice recognition technology, powers Siri. The wonderful thing about this system is that each time it is used; it learns new things about what humans tell, how they tell and improves its forgiveness over regional accents and dialect. Presently, Nuance and some chip makers are working collectively to invent a solution that would let people control their cell phones without actually touching them. A partial impact of this solution can be seen in the latest iOS and Siri. With this system, you can make phone call, send messages, update your Facebook status, run an app, twit on Twitter, etc. Using your voice. Additionally, Siri has introduced the Eyes Free mode, which took hands-free functionality to a next level. It allows you to interact with the iPhone by means of your voice.

According to the CTO of Nuance, within one or two years people would not only talk with Siri to do their tasks, but they will ask questions, like “when is my father birthday?” When the phone will detect your voice, it will wake up and perform the task or tell the answer. There will be no need to press any button for activating your iPhone.

With the evolution of voice controlled user interface, the challenges associated with other kinds of user interfaces have also got some resolution. Nowadays, more explorations on mind-controlled user interfaces are being carried out by the mobile chipmakers.

The technology has made a promising impact. For example, the system can figure out what kind of music makes the user glad or sad. It can determine whether the user is glad or sad. Suppose the user puts the headset on, and then this technology will assess his mood and perform some task to improve the mood. It may play a track that makes the user cheerful. Around the household, the user may adjust the thermostatic controls, change TV channels, set the alarm, turn lighting on or off, control the wheelchair, make a call, etc. using his mind.

Today, Siri has evolved as something, which is more than just a voice-controlled assistant. It’s turning into an intelligent unit that answers your queries. Whatever interface you have, the most importance thing is the purpose of Siri to answer your queries correctly. Siri is a basic building block that can be transparently accessed.

Whether controlled by mind or voice, there will be an effect in the entire computing world. In future, you might be working with your desktop by just putting on a video glass. The journey appears lengthy, but not impossible, and Siri along with the iPhone is a step forward toward this journey. Many unknown challenges were encountered during the development process of voice-controlled interfaces. We can’t expect brain-controlled user interface to emerge overnight, because the developers will definitely encounter new challenges on the journey of its evolution. And, the history tells that every technological challenge gets its resolution eventually. That means after few years, we will definitely be making calls or editing movies by simply imaging what we want. Finally, it can conclude that Apple’s Siri definitely is the future of smartphones. Siri has moved a step above other smartphone apps.

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