iPhone 5S liquid metal, 64-bit A7 chip & Wireless charging

No one knows at the moment what the next Apple smartphone release will be called, it could be the iPhone 6 but we are guessing on previous releases that it will be called the iPhone 5S. It makes sense to call it this because the iPhone 4S was released after the 4, so it is common sense really unless Apple changes all what they have done before.

We would like to throw a few ideas into the mix on what the iPhone 5S should feature, before we get into that earlier on today we reported that it could be on the cards that test trials for this smartphone could start as early as next month and when released could possibly come with the new iOS 7, for more information on this please do read our other in-depth article here.

There are so many new processors hitting the market and if the iPhone 5S is the next release surely Apple should consider looking into a 64-bit A7 chip, hopefully this comes to light or at least having an A6X processor would be good. We all know that the iPhone 5S will be a refreshed iPhone 5 but a lot faster and smoother. Think about it for a moment, let’s take a look at the Apple iPhone refresh; 3G to 3GS, iPhone 4 to 4S and next on the list should be iPhone 5 to 5S.

The new model will not be released at least until October 2013, it could come before but we cannot see it. Then again look how quick Apple released the iPad 4 considering the iPad 3 was not that old.

Ok back to the specs most wanted for the iPhone 5S, at the moment the iPhone 5 is producing unwanted scratches and worn corners and this is not good at all especially if you are putting on a case and then taking it off again. So how about Apple using a LiquidMetal alloy for the back casing as this would be very strong indeed and could be molded into a shape that could bring us in to the world of futuristic instead of the normal block it already is. We would love to see the Apple logo on the back being used for something different than just being a branded advertisement, the Apple itself could incorporate the camera and the little leave on top could be the flash.

The 5S needs to be so different to the iPhone 5, there is not that much difference it the way of design with the iPhone 5 other than it is taller and boasts materials that scratches easily, not good at all if you ask us.

Some may beat us down with a stick but we say Apple should release the iPhone 5S with wireless charging on board, they did it with their Magic Mouse so why not a phone, surely there is technology for them to do this as we already know other phones (No names mentioned as this is not a debate, oh ok the Nokia Lumia 920) already have this feature. What is it that other big names can use wireless charging but for Apple it is a massive deal to release this on an iPhone?

For inductive charging you need the Qi standard specs because mobile phones will not charge wirelessly without this, but with this devices can be charged by placing it on a magnetic induction base of some sort. Thinking from the other side of the fence, do we really need iPhone 5S wireless charging? You cannot make and receive a call whilst the phone is charging wirelessly, at least with a cable you can.

What specs would you like to see on the new iPhone 5S? Call the phone what you may but we would love to know what features you would like.


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  1. Nduhellah says:

    Well if Nokia’s able to put a 41 megapixel camera into one of their phones why can’t apple? iMessenger, change that to an individual app with more or less the same look and feel as bbm. Open Bluetooth so that you are able to share files to any device. Change for Retina display to IGZO display that should improve battery life. Add external memory slot ( can even custom the memory card so that only an apple memory card can be used). Include a projector same as the Samsung Beam, and also include s-beam technology. LiquidMetal body would be great. And how bout a qwerty keyboard, build in or clip-on? Wireless charging mmm would be impressive but no so set on that. And before I forget how bout the same interface as the ASUS Padfone, now that would be impressive!!

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