Android and iOS apps to aid battery saving

Modern smartphones now feature lovely big touchscreen displays that are powered by multi core processors that undertake a variety of complex tasks. Trouble is some users experience poor battery life on their handset for a variety of reasons such as multiple applications running in the background, so today we thought we would look at some apps that can aid smartphone battery life.

First for owners of the Apple iPhone is the free Battery Life Pro that was recently updated and is now compatible with iOS 6. The application has some high user ratings and basically allows you to see a breakdown of how long your battery will last using a number of tasks, which includes Internet, camera use, Wi-Fi, standby, 3G talk, 2G talk, video, audio, or playing 2D and 3D games.

There is even a checklist and tips on how to get the most of your handsets battery, and a reminder can be set to make sure you don’t unintentionally completely drain your battery down. For more information and to download hit the App Store.

Battery Doctor Pro is another application for iOS users that promises to be more accurate than other apps available and helps you get the most out of your handsets battery. This includes tips on how to charge your device better to prolong battery life and monitor all the processes that are running in the background, and much more. The app has also got many good reviews from owners and the press and can be found on the App Store for only £0.69/$0.99.

For Android users we have the free JuiceDefender application that is jam packed with functions to extend the battery life of your handset, and can automatically manage the high drain features of the device to maximise the battery life. Users can completely customize the app to suit their needs and it has been downloaded by over seven million users so far with mainly positive reviews, and to find out more or to download hit Google Play.

The recently updated and free Android Battery Dr saver+a task killer application helps users to save battery life, and also allows them to kill background applications that can often drain a smartphones battery. This has also got many users praising the app and reporting much longer battery life from their device, and again this can be found on Google Play.

Android users can also download a number of free applications that kill background apps to help battery life such as the likes of Advanced Task Killer or Super Task Killer. Do you use any applications to aid battery life on your handset?

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