Hitman Absolution Android apps galore

Hitman Absolution is the fifth instalment in the popular Hitman game series, and is of course a stealth game that will be very popular with a multitude of gaming fans. Hitman Absolution was release yesterday the 20th of November, which just happens to be the 47th week in the year, and is in reference to Agent 47.

Hitman Absolution is for Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and of course there is no Hitman Absolution mobile game for the Android platform yet, but there are several Hitman Absolution Android apps available to fans, and although not actually the game itself, they can still offer a bit of a Hitman Absolution fix for Android fans.

So with this in mind we though we bring together a few Hitman Absolution apps for our Android readers consideration, so we’ll kick things off with the Hitman Absolution Wallpapers app for Android devices, an app that offers several wallpapers to do with the popular game.

The Hitman Absolution Wallpapers app is a fan made application that is a very basic and easy to use app, whilst offering the ability to save your favourite images to a ‘wallpapers’ folder on your SD card. The Hitman Absolution Wallpapers app is a free download from Google Play.

Next up we have the Hitman Absolution App, which is an all-in-one fan app that offers Hitman Absolution updates and news, wallpapers, backgrounds, images, and live status updates from the official Hitman Absolution Facebook community.

The Hitman Absolution App also delivers a way to order the game quickly and easily, along with official updates from the Hitman Absolution Twitter HQ, and again this application is available for free from Google Play.

Then there is the Hitman Absolution Gameplay+ app, which will showcase the game along with delivering demos, updates, news, chats from both fans and pros, along with access to Facebook and Twitter.

The Hitman Absolution Gameplay+ app will also offer mission guides and walkthroughs for the previous two games whilst the app will be updated soon after the launch of Hitman Absolution, The Hitman Absolution Gameplay+ app, you may have guessed is free from Google Play.

Next we have the Hitman Absolution Cheats app, which claims that Hitman Absolution is dumbed down from previous games and will be easier to play and more accessible, whilst this app offers a guide to all Easter eggs, and a full guide to gain all achievements and trophies. Of course Hitman Absolution Cheats is again a free download.

Then we have Hitman 5 Absolution, which is an unofficial app for Android users that offers Hitman 5 screenshots, a link to purchase Hitman 5 from GameStop, the Hitman Blood money’s intro track, and some info on the game.

The Hitman 5 Absolution app will also offer cheat codes along with a guide and walkthrough, which will be added later, so don’t expect though to be there if you do download this free app.

Lastly, we’ll finish as we started, with a wallpaper app called Hitman Absolution Live WP, which is of course an app that offer live wallpapers, in fact over 40 selected wallpapers in HD resolution, and you’ve probably guessed it, just like all the above this Hitman Absolution Live WP app for Android is free.

So there you go, just a few Hitman Absolution app for the Android faithful to download to their chosen device if they feel inclined to do so.

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