iPad ORA case with speakers, back this one

We do bring our readers a few Kickstarter projects for their consideration, and today we have one such project for those that own an Apple iPad. If you happen to own an iPad you’ll probably agree the sound isn’t all that great. But what if you could have an iPad case that offers not only protection, and looks but also offers far better sound?

Enter the ORA case for the Apple iPad, a protective case that features eight front facing speakers so the sound is directed straight at the user rather than away from them. The ORA case won’t drain your battery either as the case features an internal battery that is said to be good for up to ten hours.

Using the ORA case on your iOS tablet turns your slate into a portable entertainment system that features five times the sound volume of your iPad without the ORA, enabling the user to boost the intensity when playing games and listening to music, whilst enhancing the clarity of conversations and watching movies.

The ORA case for the iPad has been crafted in premium durable materials and features a lightweight and rugged protective magnetic cover that flips open to becomes a stand, whilst the case uses the same connector and charger as the iPad so you can charge both at the same time.

The speaker placement has been optimised and along with a digital signal processor control the 3D stereo expansion in both portrait and landscape orientations, and thus delivers a wider stereo image that delivers a full immersive experience.

However, of course you can’t purchase the ORA case for iPad just yet, as it is still running on Kickstarter, and looking for a funding goal of a whopping $450,000 to get off the ground, and has thus far managed to garner $19,904 in pledges with only 39 days to run.

We have embedded a couple of videos that let you know all about the ORA case for iPad below, so don’t forget to mash those play buttons to find out whether the ORA is an accessory that would suit you. After which if you feel you would like to see the ORA become a reality, you can make a pledge to the project by visiting the ORA Kickstarter page.

Any of our iPad owning readers think the ORA case for iPad would be a good accessory to own?

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