The Need for Norton Mobile Security on iOS and Android

We are constantly being bombarded with advice telling us about the need for security on our mobile devices and Norton by Symantec has just released the latest version of Norton Mobile Security. Touted as giving powerful protection for mobile needs it now adds support for iOS, an enhanced user experience and contacts backup. However we wonder if there is really a need for Norton Mobile Security for iOS and Android and would like to hear what you think about this.

The latest Norton Mobile Security makes it easy for mobile users to protect all kinds of various mobile devices and now includes multi-device and multi-platform support so that not only Android smartphones and tablets are taken care of but also Apple iPhones and iPads. Other improved features include web-based management, a ‘Scream’ alarm for helping users to find their missing device and remote locate showing a lost or stolen device on a map.

Norton Mobile Security is available at this product page for $29.99 and without thinking too deeply it would seem to make sense to purchase this sort of protection considering how mobile devices are now such an integral part of our everyday lives. Apparently one in three mobile users have either lost a device or had one stolen and thus there is a danger of their sensitive information being unearthed. Symantec Corporation’s Dave Cole, vice president of product management said, “Your phone may not just be your phone – it may be your wallet, identity card, address book and family photo album. As we use our phones in new ways, we’re also putting sensitive information at risk if the device gets lost or stolen.”

This may make many of us sit up and take notice and wonder if we are doing enough to protect our devices. As well as the Norton Mobile Security deal detailed above, a free Norton Mobile Security iOS app is available from iTunes here for devices running iOS 4.3 or later. Alternatively you can head to Google Play here to find a free Android Norton Security & Antivirus app for devices running Android 2.1 or later.

However, although there are undoubtedly many good features offered by Norton Mobile Security on iOS and Android, is this level of security actually needed? The figures above regarding one in three mobile devices being lost or stolen would certainly suggest so and is enough to alarm some people into purchasing this kind of protection but here at Phones Review we’ve owned many phones between us over the years and actually not had any problems with security issues at all. We also asked other Android and iPhone users about the need for security and nobody had had any difficulties on this score, suggesting there’s not as great a need for security as we’re led to believe.

We’re always interested in hearing what readers have to say about this though and so would love to know what you think. Do you think that paying for mobile security is a waste of money? Alternatively you may feel the money spent is worth it for peace of mind? Let us know with your comments.


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