New iPhone 5 battery case offering no more troubles

Modern smartphones have become seemingly a lot more fragile in recent times as they get thinner and lighter, and many owners take to buy a case or bumper to protect their device. Today we have news of a new battery case for the iPhone 5 that offers a couple of things that include no more worrying about running out of power on their handset.

The Apple iPhone 5 is currently one of the most sought after smartphones available, but the handset debuted the new Lightning Connector that rendered millions of iOS accessories useless to Apple fans, which included the numerous battery cases available.

We have seen a number of different cases already made available for the iPhone 5 that protect your treasured device from the bumps and scratches life can throw at it. The upcoming iPhone 5 battery case from Esorun will offer owners of the handset this protection, but also has a built in battery that provides that all important extra power.

The latest flagship iPhone from the company still has the same issues that can affect a lot of smartphones, namely battery life with many owners complaining that the device barely manages to last a whole day on a single charge.

This case has also received MFI authorization from Apple that is currently a rarity and offers a multifunctional design with a built in 3,000 mAh Li-polymer battery, which also doubles as a fashionable and convenient holder for the smartphone.

The case will triple the amount of power the iPhone 5 has and can be charged via the microUSB port, which allows owners to use accessories they already own instead of paying out for new cables. Originally the case was due to be released by now but was delayed due to a shortage of official Apple chips, with first batch samples are expected to launched at anytime now.

For more information head over to the official Esorun website for the new iPhone 5 battery case.


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