iPad gains Classic Match Foosball table

Over here in the United Kingdom it is more commonly known as tablet football, or bar football, whilst over the pond in the good old US of A it is know as foosball, but is basically the same, a table with sliding bars to which football characters are attached. Usually foosball tables are on the large side, so not really for playing with your tablet.

However, it appears foosball has come to the Apple iPad, as according to an article over on Phone Arena, a firm known as New Potato Technologies has now shrunk down the foosball tablet in order to encompass the iOS tablet.

The same company isn’t that new to shrinking things down to suit iOS devices as they previous shrunk a pinball machine to work with the iPhone, you might remember that, it was called iCade.

The Classic Match Foosball is a table whereby your iPad can be docked into the device which features eight 2-axis control bars, and there is even an iOS app that comes with the accessory to deliver that fun sound of the bars spinning, or when smacking the ball and the device also sports score markers at each end.

However there is a bit of a downside to the Classic Match Foosball table and that is if you happen to own the latest iPad, the gaming accessory won’t work because it is only compatible with a 30-pin dock connector and not the new lightning connector, so older iPads are fine.

With the Classic Match Foosball accessory there are foos buttons on both sides to launch the ball into live play and offers multiple layouts and play fields, along with the ability to customise the tablet with team colours and sponsors, whilst the foosball table is also a sync and charge dock.

For those iPad owners that just might like to play a little foosball on their iOS slate, the Classic Match Foosball table for the iPad can be purchased from the New Potato Technologies website, where is commands a price tag of $100.

Any of our iPad owning readers going to be getting their foosball fix on with this iPad accessory before Christmas?

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