Android 4.2 December bug fix incoming, Nexus 7 more pressing

Last week Google treated the world to the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update that coincided with the release of some new hardware such as the LG Nexus 4, and Nexus 10 tablet PC manufactured by Samsung. Not everything has run smoothly for the company though with the software beset by problems, and now Google has promised a fix for the December Bug but the Nexus 7 issues are surely more pressing.

As it is being reported by the Android Authority the search engine giant has acknowledged that there is a fault with the Android 4.2 firmware and the People App. We first reported about the problem a couple of days ago and Google has now taken to the official Android Google+ account and promised a bug fix was on its way.

The company failed to reveal when the bug fix will be released but considering tomorrow is Thanksgiving there is a chance it may not hit until next week sometime. Meanwhile owners of the popular Asus Nexus 7 are still reporting numerous problems with their tablet PC.

Almost a week ago issues started to emerge of owners complaining of having difficulty with Bluetooth connections especially when streaming music tracks. Trouble is though more serious issues began to come to light such as the system suddenly rebooting without warning.

Owners have also reported having issues with the Nexus 7 auto brightness feature as well as the display rotating suddenly with the device laying flat on a hard surface. Many have also said the device had become much slower after installing the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, along with reports of hardware not charging correctly with the battery quickly running down have also emerged, and most owners are now regretting upgrading to the later software.

There have been issues reported with other Nexus hardware running the operating system and it is surprising that Google hasn’t acknowledged the many other bugs affecting Android 4.2, as the December bug hardly compares with the Nexus 7 continually rebooting itself.

Mobile software when first released can often have early teething problems with even Apple’s ecosystem not immune to such problems, but this latest Android release is arguably the most bug filled offering yet. Hopefully it won’t take Google long to get their act together and iron out the problems with an OTA update fixing all the bugs.

Do you regret updating to Android 4.2?


13 thoughts on “Android 4.2 December bug fix incoming, Nexus 7 more pressing”

  1. Gav456 says:

    I’m loving the 4.2 update on my Sexus7, only very slight issues, but nothing that can’t be fixed quickly. Problem is here: nexus devices have always been aimed at die-hard android fanboys, used to test new updates before pushing to manufacturers. But now due to the popularity of the nexus 7, buggy versions are hitting the masses. QQ

  2. Lukeyboy-uk says:

    It’s like using a old pad slow crashing dreadfull battery life. Now drains over night to find it turned its off by morning. The wish I had stuck to 4.1

  3. MoreQuads says:

    Screen flicker and BT transfer issues on N7 otherwise fine, 🙂
    I say otherwise fine, that’s a joke son. Be nice if it was really an upgrade, but this is a huge boo boo for Goo Goo.

  4. mmmmattd says:

    The new keyboard is the shining star in this mess of an update. I’m experiencing ALL of the issues now. It wasn’t too bad at first but it seems like it’s getting worse day by day. I wish Google would just send another update that’s reverts us back to 4.1.x while they sort out all of these

  5. Doing a Factory Reset fixed my Nexus 7 performance issues after the 4.2 update. Wasn’t happy it came to that though. Currently consider 4.2 a downgrade on both tablet and phone. A few bug fixes could change my mind I suppose.

  6. Katie says:

    Just now learning how to use 16GB Nexus 7 I got for Christmas. I downloaded my yahoo mail account along with the contact list. When I tried to e-mail someone from my list it brought up someone I don’t even know with an e-mail address almost the same but one letter different No matter what I try it always goes to this guys e-mail and even put his picture with the other persons name. I am ready to return this.

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