Nexus 10 Google Play Stock available if you hurry

As you probably know, when Google released the Nexus 4 things didn’t go all that well, with many customers losing out because Google hadn’t anticipated just how much demand there would be for the handset. However when it comes to the Nexus 10, the 16GB model did manage to stay available for quite a while, whereas the 32GB Nexus 10 sold out very quickly.

This obviously shows us that customers want a device with more storage, and also that the Nexus 10 is a popular device. And if you happened to miss out on grabbing the 32GB Nexus 10 last time round you’ll be pleased to know that the WiFi only Nexus 10 is now back in stock on Google Play.

The 32GB Nexus 10 is now currently available to purchase on Google Play for £389, with a shipping time of two to three weeks, but if you want the 32GB model you’d better act fast as there is no telling how long the Android tablet will remain available, as there is always a chance it might sell out quickly again.

However if you would prefer the WiFi only 16GB Nexus 10 that too is also available again on Google Play for £319, and again with a shipping time of two to three weeks.

The Samsung built Nexus 10 tablet offers a 10.1-inch WQVGA 2560 x 1600 pixel touch screen with 300 ppi, along with a 5 megapixel rear facing camera and 1.9 megapixel front facing snapper, a 1.7Ghz Exynos 5250 dual core processor, 2GB RAM, Android Beam, a 9000mAh battery and runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2, but I’m pretty sure if you are in the market for the Nexus 10 you’ll already know that.

Anyway, there it is, if you have been hanging on to purchase the Nexus 10 slate you can now buy the device from Google Play once again so that you have the tablet in your hands before Christmas.


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  1. ajp says:

    I can only assume that google have these in stock as Ive just ordered the 16gb nexus 10 and it said I will not be charged till it ships but within 30 mins or so google have charged my bank for the whole amount.

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