Meizu MX2, what the Samsung Galaxy S4 should look like

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of articles on the Internet (including us) as to what the Samsung Galaxy S4 will look like, along with what the specs will be. Now whatever we have discussed has been pure speculation, but we’re sure that the design of the Galaxy S III has taken your interest. While we have no idea as to what the flagship handset from Samsung will look like in 2013, we had wished that it resembled the Meizu MX2.

A few days ago some grainy images were leaked of what the Meizu MX2 might look like, but thanks to a Chinese website there are clearer images available. We’re hoping that these images are the real deal because the handset looks pretty sexy, so much so that we truly hoped the Galaxy S4 would have looked like this.

It’s no secret that the design of the S3 needs to change in order to have a more premium feel, as some owners have now grown tired of Samsung and their cheaper looking handsets when compared to some of their rivals. Now we’re not saying copy Apple (we all know where that gets you) but maybe having a thin aluminum rear or similar will certainly open up the S4 to an even wider audience?

Moving on to the release of the Meizu MX2, which will be officially announced on November 27th, most rumors would suggest that it will come with a 4.4-inch HD touchscreen — not as impressive as the HTC Droid DNA then. However, what impresses us is the rumor of a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. Other features are pretty standard like an 8-megapixel camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Okay, so there are just one or two hardware features that look exciting, but it’s still those looks that does it for us. We’d have to say that this would be one of the better looking phones on the market (if these images are in fact real) but we’re not too certain what materials will be used. We know that the Meizu MX had a pretty cheap look to it and the fact that design wise it was a sort of iPhone 4 and HTC hybrid, but we have higher hopes this time around.

Do you agree that the image you see above would have been an ideal design for the Galaxy S4, or do you think Samsung should do something radical?


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