iPhone 5S should follow suit of Dual SIM Galaxy S3

Dual SIM card phones have never really caught on in many parts of the world though in emerging markets they are much more popular. Phones with dual SIM slots support the use of two network connections at once but many of the big brands have only dabbled in dual SIM phones. However it seems that might be about to change as a dual SIM version of the flagship Samsung device Galaxy S3 handset has just emerged, leading us to wonder if Apple should follow suit with a dual SIM iPhone 5S.

Its rather strange that dual SIM phones are so much more popular in emerging markets where many local brands such as Micromax, Karbonn, Plum and Celkon produce plenty of them. Of course the major players that we’ve all heard of have produced the odd dual SIM phone such as Nokia with its Asha 305, Samsung with Galaxy Pocket Duos, the Sony Xperia tipo dual and HTC Desire V but dual SIM card phones have not become the norm in many regions just yet.

However, two days ago the news that a Galaxy S3 SCH-i939D smartphone with dual SIM capabilities had been spotted in China seemed to indicate that dual SIM support might arrive with more of the mainstream phones that we all know and love. Dual SIM card phones use two SIM cards that can be active at the same time. This has the advantage of phone owners being able to use one SIM for business and another for personal use without having to carry two separate phones around. Another benefit is that users can have two billing accounts making it easier to charge work use to business expenses while some users might choose to use the extra SIM card slot when traveling abroad.

One reason why dual SIM cards haven’t been adopted more widely by major phone manufacturers is that many mobile phone networks that are closely tied to them prefer their customers to use only their network and don’t want to encourage people to use alternative networks. Nevertheless the fact that Samsung looks to be bringing dual SIM capabilities to the phenomenally successful and mainstream Galaxy S3 is a promising sign that more big-brand dual SIM card phones may be on the way.

The biggest rival to the Galaxy S3 is the Apple iPhone 5 and every time a new phone arrives in one of these hit lines they become the natural competition to the other. We’ve already discussed potential specs and what readers would like to see on the next iPhone, probably to be called the iPhone 5S or even iPhone 6, and maybe we should now add dual SIM cards to the possibilities. After all, the more widely-used a phone feature becomes, the more likely other manufacturers will add it to the mix for their next smartphones and so it would seem like a logical progression for the iPhone 5S to go dual SIM.

We’re interested to hear what you think about this. Would you like to see your favorite smartphone with dual SIM card support? Do you imagine that there’s any possibility that Apple will bring this to the iPhone 5? Maybe you already use a dual SIM phone and would never return to single SIM? Send your comments to let us know.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 5S should follow suit of Dual SIM Galaxy S3”

  1. I live in Luxembourg but I am British. I have both an O2 UK contract and a LuxGSM contract so I have a UK and Luxembourg phone numbers. I have a Samsung GT-B5722 dual SIM phone. If Apple produced an iPhone with dual SIM functionality I’d get one.

    1. x iphone user says:

      I currently use a Samsung Duos, I used to use apple iphones (1,2,3 and 4) but won’t buy another until they produce a dual sim one. I would never go back to a single sim phone and unfortunately apple therefore lost my business. Produce a dual sim iphone and I will buy one (along with millions of other customers I imagine). Apple – do it! no brainer.

  2. Zatones says:

    Currently using a 5inch (ICS) dual SIM Chinese phone instead of the Samsung Note or S3 which are single SIM. Really need the dual or even tripple SIM functionality but on a large screen handset (5inch minimum) from a major manufacturer. Would jump at a dual SIM handset with a large screen from Samsung, especially the S3 or the Note 2. Actually waiting for such. The GT-B5722 is too small for me, and runs Gingerbread

  3. Broemma says:

    I have two Samsung dual sim phones already, but would prefare a Galaxy S3 du or tripple Sim or Note 2 dual or triple Sim.
    Apple should definitely produce a dual or tripple Sim 5S and if Blackberry wants to really survive they must add Dual or Triple Sim functionality tio the planned Blackberry 10.I wonder why they were blinded to this need by consummers.
    I have also given as gifts LG-A290 Triple Sim phones to four different people thus year alome.The multi-Sim phone without any loss of functions is the way to go for phone manufacturers

  4. valrhiz says:

    The dual sim functionality features on latest smart phones is undoubtedly a MUST and a NECESSITY for business man and even ordinary employees. Two activated sims that the phone owner may use without carrying 2 separate phones and segregation of monitoring the use for business and personal —- THIS IS WHAT WE CALL ADDED COMFORTABILITY FUNCTION! Thumbs up to those big manufactures that will adopt these to all their latest smart phones. I will definitely by is Samsung incorporates this to their Samsung Galaxy SIII or Note II. Same thing with Apple if they incorporate this to Iphone 5.

  5. decnova says:

    dual SIM iphone is a good news, but I think if a cool Griffin Survivor Case with Stand for iPhone5 can be with the same size for iphone 5S on theideasforgift, that’s much more appreciate.

  6. Morgan says:

    I went through 5 phones before I found one with 2 active SIMS in Australia that worked properly (NOKIA C2!!!). Would love to have a good smartphone with good dual active sim capabilities. In addition these dual phones are great when driving as both Sims are hooked up to your bluetooth so its much safer.

  7. YES!! Iphone should def add the feature. In fact adding up to 4 would be great, i personally know of several coworker with 2-3 phones at wrok and my bf has 4!! It gets ridiculous keeping track of them all. Seriously time to catch up, multi line land lines, natural segway to multiline cells, it’s a no brainer…

  8. Xohlon says:

    Not the providers are the boss, the market is! Dual sim is very efficient and a nice attribute to the mobile phone. Satisfied HTC Desire V user, but waiting for the iPhone 5s dual sim 🙂

  9. Sander Kiesel says:

    Yes, I am waiting for an IPhone with dual sim (or even triple, so I can put in a UPC mobile internet sim). Apple should keep in mind that one of the sims should be switched off when wanted (work number after closing time). My dual sim Nokia C2 strangly enough does not allow this.
    Also inductive (‘wireless’) charging should be included. Both where rumours around iPhone 5 already, and I expected a phone like the iPhone should have these things from the start. A 3D rear camera of high quality would be nice as well.

    Sander Kiesel

  10. jn says:

    Yes, I like to have Iphone with dual sim card. actually Iam thinking to buy a sumsung dual sim phone, since Iphone dont have it. If apple release the iphone with dual sim, hope most of them prefer iphone dual sim, instead of samsung. I am expecting it in 5S or 6.

    1. cisnandini says:

      @ Jn you can also go with your choice without any hesitation at old models also. Actually they are compatible with dual Sim adapter, which I am using on my iphone & my phone works excellently. I purchase Sim adapter from G-telware. you visit there & hope you find another solution for your issue.

  11. sohail says:

    Iphone is missing out on duel sim market. Its stubbornness has already allowed android to target many customers who are upset at Iphone for putting hurdles when it comes to sharing music. And now it is not letting hard ware division to develop duel sim phone which are becoming popular. Iphone days are numbered as android is catching up quick with the core technology advantage iphone once had.

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