BlackBerry 10 FaceFlow is the Skype alternative

We’ve discussed the future of RIM’s BlackBerry platform many times now and to us it seems to be very much the case that everything is riding on BlackBerry 10, the new upcoming operating system, and the devices that will run it. It seems a promising sign then that developers are thinking ahead to BlackBerry 10 and Skype alternative FaceFlow is one app that has already been announced as coming to the new OS.

FaceFlow is a popular cross-platform voice chat, video chat, group video chat and instant message site, similar to Skype. You can sign up free using a browser and download the free desktop version plus mobile apps. If you visit the FaceFlow site here and hit the mobile tab you’ll see download links for the Android and iOS apps but the significant thing to us is that a message also reads “Make calls and video calls to any other FaceFlow users – on any device. (FaceFlow for BlackBerry 10 will also be available!) Coming early 2013.”

That certainly spells out that BlackBerry 10 is already being thought of as a relevant, valid platform by FaceFlow and hopefully many more developers are already following suit or about to. BlackBerry 10 is to be officially launched at an event on January 30, 2013 and we expect the first BlackBerry 10 devices to follow in February. That means we could see FaceFlow for BlackBerry 10 as early as February 2013 but watch this space.

Some features of FaceFlow include free video chat sessions by sharing your call link with friends and family, full screen mode, instant messaging, and video conferencing with many people at once, all for free. It’s certainly good news to see developers such as FaceFlow viewing BlackBerry 10 in a positive way and we can only hope that continues once the new OS is officially launched.

Are you waiting eagerly for the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the devices that will run it? Do you think it’s promising that developers are already getting involved? Why not let us know your thoughts on FaceFlow or BlackBerry 10 by sending us your comments.


9 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 FaceFlow is the Skype alternative”

  1. RimpireStrikesBack says:

    Now FaceFlow has the advantage over skype. They have 100 million users from BlackBerry that skype does not have. But if I am going to use skype I will have all my friends and family switch over to the only Video chat avaible on all platforms easy. See ya Skype maybe you should start making a app yourself.

  2. dmleman says:

    Add me to the list of those who will be picking up a BB10 device as soon as they are available. Everything I’ve seen so far points to it being a first rate device.

  3. Julian says:

    I have decided not to upgrade my Windows phone with a new Windows 8 phone because I’m so impressed with what BlackBerry 10 has to offer…and I’ve never had a Blackberry before!

  4. And they are already looking at BBM-integration. Not sure what can come out of that, but it shows one very interested developer!

    I’ll keep using it on the PlayBook (on the browser) and will surely get the app once I buy my BB10 phone!

  5. Andy says:

    I’ll be in the first batch to pick up a BB10 handset. iPhone works and is a beautiful device, but the trays of icons are boring. Android is functional but feels “rough around the edges”, especially in the scrolling department (even on an S3 – go into the Play Store and select “Top Paid” or “Top Free” and scroll). Windows Phone…. [insert crickets.wav here].

    I like the QNX OS, I love what they’re doing with the Cascades UI framework and what this will do for RAD (Rapid Application Development) on the platform. I think Blackberry smell like winners.

  6. aska says:

    the news just further confirms my strong will to switch to BB10 from iPhone (which itself is nothing wrong, but I feel the urge to try something new and more advanced)

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