Nexus 4 and problems within

The LG Nexus 4 smartphone, also referred to as the Google Nexus 4 has been making huge waves since its release earlier this month. Being the latest pure Android Nexus handset we always knew this would be hugely popular and it sold out within hours, with new stock still being eagerly waited for. However although it’s an impressive phone it has seen some teething problems so it hasn’t all exactly been plain sailing. We’d like to know if you’ve experienced any problems with your Nexus 4?

The Nexus 4 is available through the Google Play Store in an 8GB version and 16GB version. Unfortunately the phone is still out of stock and there’s not even an option to place an order for a later shipping date. This is one of the first problems that the Nexus 4 came up against as the lack of availability has led to a certain amount of frustration for potential buyers. It’s a shame that the huge demand for the phone was its first minor downfall. On the one hand we expected the phone to be popular, with high-end specs and a very low price but its own success has led to consternation among the many consumers still trying to purchase one.

It’s also a shame that Google hasn’t come up with a product page where potential purchasers can sign up to receive notification of when the phone arrives back in stock as it’s asking a lot to expect people to be constantly hitting the refresh button to see if it is available yet. We recently informed readers about a free app which claims to check Nexus 4 stock for you to save you continually looking but we were wary of the amount of data it might use and it didn’t appear to be working in the UK, although you may have found otherwise?

Shortly after the release there were also some claims that the Nexus 4 might be beset with a purple flare problem when using the camera, similar to an issue that affected the iPhone 5. However although there were various reports about this it doesn’t seem to have become a major issue and none of our readers said that their handset had the same problem, so this one was most likely an isolated incident.

Following this we reported several problems on the Nexus 4 arising from the new 4.2 Jelly Bean update. We told about several Jelly Bean issues and bugs affecting different devices and informed about a list detailing each issue and which devices had been affected by it. One of the problems was random rebooting and instability and at the time we wrote our article there were reports of this affecting the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus. However since then the Nexus 4 has been added to the list of devices experiencing this problem, with owners of the Nexus 4 reporting this issue. Another issue that now also seems to be a concern is that some Nexus 4 phones are experiencing fast battery drain and another setback that has affected all Nexus devices with 4.2 Jelly Bean, including the Nexus 4 is with the camera app. Of course these problems are specifically because of bugs in 4.2 Jelly Bean and affect other devices but these are still problems that the Nexus 4 could do without.

Yesterday we told of another specific Nexus 4 concern and this one does appear to be quite widespread with many forum mentions about an earpiece problem. Many people have flagged this issue on the Google Android Project site and it seems that some users are experiencing a clicking, buzzing or otherwise distorted sound from the earpiece or camera area. Whether this is simply a faulty batch or more serious than that isn’t yet known but it seems that some people have noticed this problem while their friends who also have the Nexus 4 haven’t spotted it. What is more worrying about this reported issue is that it’s thought more likely to be a hardware issue rather than something that can be solved with a software fix. It will be interesting to see when and if Google has to say anything about this.

Another drawback for the Nexus 4 is its small amount of internal storage and lack of expansion via microSD and another snag for some is its lack of 4G LTE connectivity. A recent teardown showed the Nexus 4 is actually equipped with a 4G LTE chip and a tweak has been used by some people to enable use of LTE with the Nexus 4 but only for areas using LTE band 4. We should point out though that lack of LTE connectivity doesn’t bother everyone.

Readers can see then that the Nexus 4 isn’t without its flaws but this can often be said about a newly-released product and we’ve received comments from readers saying that they hold off purchasing a smartphone the moment it has been released because there are invariably some issues that need ironing out. It may seem from the above that we wouldn’t recommend the Nexus 4 but that isn’t the case. Reviews for the Nexus 4 have seen the device receive high praise and we recently included it on our pick of some of the best smartphones for the US holiday season because of its top-notch specs and low price.

It would be remiss of us though to gloss over the fact that some problems are apparent and we would like to hear what readers feel about this. Are you already the owner of a Nexus 4 and have you experienced any difficulties yet with your brand new smartphone? Would any of the above problems put you off purchasing the second wave of availability of the Nexus 4 or perhaps you feel that with any device sold in huge numbers, some are bound to be flawed? Maybe you have nothing but praise for the Nexus 4? Send your comments to let us know.


37 thoughts on “Nexus 4 and problems within”

  1. ibike63 says:

    Knock on wood – I’ve experienced no such issues. I am completely satisfied with the Nexus 4 and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It is fast, smooth on the AT&T network that I use.

    1. exynos5450 says:

      Hey, I’ve got a question for you. I want to buy the nexus 4 unlocked, and use it on my current family plan, which my line currently has a dumb phone. Could I buy the n4 from Google, get an AT&T microsim, and use it on my current plan, or would I have to get a new individual plan?

        1. exynos5450 says:

          Sweet, that is great! Thanks for the reply, I will now order this phone as soon as I can! But what if the 2 year contract is not yet up with the old phone on the line? I still have about 6 months left on the contract.

          1. exynos5450 says:

            This is great. Thanks, exactly what I wanted to hear! I’m a first timer, so thanks for the help!

          2. Jeremy Erickson says:

            Be aware that you’ll want to add a data plan to the line if you don’t already have one.. There’s no point in having a good smartphone without a data plan. I’m not sure whether getting that will extend your contract, but there won’t be any fees beyond the usual monthly charge for the data.

          3. exynos5450 says:

            True, I will be adding data, probably 3gb. And, I’m not worried about an extension of my contract on my old phone, because I have a younger brother who is 12, and needs a starter phone, so he’ll get mine, and his will be put on to a different open line we have.

          4. exynos5450 says:

            Wow, I feel so dumb now. Thanks man, now I just hope that 16 GB will be enough, and that battery life is good.

  2. wilks79 says:

    What a huge mess Google has made with this. Out of stock with no ability to even place a back-order? That means one thing: MASSIVE shortage of supply. I would suspect that the US Play Store will be first to get it back in stock, but who knows for Europe….

  3. Anthony says:

    I’ve noticed some problems with your articles, most of the sentences have any kind of objectivity and the whole looks like a big amount of bullshits.

  4. Jeff Martinez says:

    This article reminds me of those annoying kids at that store who whine and cry and stomp in the shopping cart wanting something they can’t have. They just won’t shut up. My Nexus 4 has been exceptional since the day I got it, no ear piece issues, purple effect issues, or whatever else your yapping about. The only issue here is Google did a crappy job of supplying this awesome phone to the masses. Okay? Good boy.

  5. evo man says:

    So much boas in this article. Must be an Apple fan. Let’s take some isolated incidents and blow them out of proportion. BTW, this phone should out in minutes not “hours”.

  6. Michelle Martinez says:

    I don’t know anyone who has had an issue with their nexus 4.

    I have had no problems with mine. imo 4.2 jelly bean is the best mobile os out there.

  7. Pete says:

    Yet another incredibly negative article on a site that seems to do nothing but pick one-off or unconfirmed reports of problems and hark on about them as if they are a major flaw instead of properly, neutrally and scientifically investigating them. Please stop publishing such tacky, shallow and ignorant excuses for journalism because it is doing nothing but undermining trust in your core reviews. Once people start seeing your site as sensationalist drivel you’ll lose all your credibility.

  8. – No HD screen (other phones are coming out with 1920×1080 resolution)
    – No user-replaceable battery
    – No SD card support
    – No 32 GB option
    – No LTE

    Not the evolutionary upgrade over my Gnex that Google should be bringing out at this time. Very disappointed that this phone should even bare the “Nexus” name.

    1. ha says:

      I have LTE :), people don’t carry around batteries anymore(easy to plug a phone in at work, in car, or at home), cloud support and most users wont use over 16gb and even if they do its a $350 so most people wont and don’t care(hence the huge demand) about it only being 16gb, how much is it to buy these “phones coming out” off contract? The screen is amazing.

  9. BluRaymond says:

    I have a nexus 4. So far so good since owning it for 3 days. Google need to supply an operating manual or access to one online. I would appreciate some help with the camera function. My nexus 7 had a
    manual already loaded on Google play.

  10. Gov says:

    A stupid article trying to spoil reputation of Nexus and Android as a whole. Wonder, what the Fruit Merchant (Apple :P) paid him. God save this stupid website.

  11. Robert Himmington says:

    Since only a few people got the handset, it’s a bit disappointing that there are already problems with this small batch. Google seem to be losing their touch.

    1. ha says:

      This comment is exactly what the author of this article wants. There’s no problems with the phone its flawless in my mind. I havent read anything on any forums about any of these problems. This is a horrible article and the facts stated are nothing but made up bullsht.

  12. Chucklesuk says:

    it seems quite obvious to me and perhaps others that the whole shortage issue was in fact marketing hype. Carphone warehouse & 3 to name two are to be selling from 13th Dec at the usual inflated price. If they are able to get stock why cant Google. The answer is obvious.

  13. steven says:

    Well he talks piss no problems at all best phone I’ve had. As for battery problem its gonna drain if you constantly play games. Phone is fine when using your day to day apps and you’ll get a day out the battery berry good phone and would advise any one to get one

  14. People need to chill out, just wait and be happy with what you have already. I don’t see why people are getting worked up, it’s sold out and they’ll go back on sale where there is more. I have a GS2, it works just fine, no problems with it and Android is already buttery smooth on it. I want the Nexus 4 but I’m only interested in a 32GB model or one with a Micro SD…….. I’m not crying about it and saying Google sucks.

    I’ll wait for a 32GB model or get a Galaxy S4 in April or whenever it comes out.

  15. EP says:

    I was lucky enough to have received my nexus 4 on the 20th. Shortly after I started using it I noticed a rattle noise from the camera area. It was annoying. I also had the buzzing and cracking in the ear piece which occurs the entire time that the phone is on however the sound is imperceptible unless you have the ear piece on your ear. I called and got an RMA that arrived in a few days. It also had the exact same two issues. Disappointing. However I really love the phone and it’s performance and that out weighs the two issues I’ve experienced so I may try another RMA or I might just not complain since I rarely use the phone for actual calls so I never year the buzz.

  16. YM says:

    I got the nexus 4 last may 2013, and at the end of august there was an 4.3 android update so I updated it, since the update was done my GPS navigation app just vanished and the battery is draining at an alarming rate I called LG and my phone carrier and the only solution is to loose my phone for about 1-2 months while I send it in to LG so that they look it over
    that is a real piss off
    making the battery integrated in the phone like the iphone is just plain stupid
    in a way I am lucky I just have a 2 year deal not a 3 year deal
    they still should of done like the Samsung S3 and made with a removable battery so we could have the option to at lease replace it when the time comes

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