iOS 6 Jailbreak wait prompts Cydia alternative Weblin

The wait for untethered iOS 6 jailbreak is agonising but it will happen soon enough, but what will happens if the wait is too unbearable? Ok, so how about something that is an alternative to Cydia where you can install apps without the iOS 6 jailbreak, before we go any further we are not clued up about this new alternative but we will let you know about this new development called “Weblin”.

We have never heard of Weblin before so we will let you know about it now, Weblin is basically a web-based Cydia alternative and an App Store for Jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to install apps that were rejected by the official Apple App Store as well as jalbroken apps. Apparently and as quoted on their website it requires almost no resprings and all apps can be deleted from the homescreen.

In a quick nutshell it allows users to install apps without the iOS 6 jailbreak or ones before that, Weblin is still currently under development and below you can see a couple of screenshots of Weblin on our iPhone 5, please remember we have no idea about Weblin so you use at your own risk.

The App Store and Cydia download app packages and then installs them on your iDevice, this client is slightly different because Weblin needs to write access (in the case of iOS: root access) to the relevant directories. Cydia for iOS is, therefore, a Jailbreak (root access) requirement. This is a plugin for Safari and installs apps on the homescreen, plus they are bootable and can be uninstalled.

Obviously there are pros and cons about Weblin and we are not abut any of them yet as we have not tried and tested this, we might be a little out of date here because as said above we have not heard of Weblin before, but what we can see is that uses a repo system, you do have to sign in. The main site does mention that Weblin will never be a 100% alternative for Jailbreaker, so if you are still waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak then please do go ahead.

Cydia is a lot bigger than Weblin, and in that we mean that Weblin will not be updated constantly with new apps. At the moment we can see around 25 apps in Weblin and that is not really that great is it. This is the part we do not like, Weblin is $9.99 to install without jailbreaking, and does this have great potential? We are not too sure. If you want to check out Weblin please follow this link on your iDevice – http://weblininstaller.com/

If you know more about Weblin please do let us know what you think of it, and of course if you have anything to say about the iOS 6 jailbreak we would love to read them.



6 thoughts on “iOS 6 Jailbreak wait prompts Cydia alternative Weblin”

  1. s0crates says:

    i’m happy with my iphone4 5.1.1 jailbreak…..i don’t really see any pros to updating to 6 then trying out a new jailbreak….if anyone has anyone knows better tell me…

  2. Upgraded my iPhone to iOS 6 by accident on my iPhone 4 hate iOS 6 but at least I can get a tethered jb I was gonna go to the iPhone 5 but no jb no go till a jb is ready ps I feel the untethered jb will come soon as a lot of tweaks are becoming updated to iOS 6 like color keyboard but still I have faith in the dev team they always got tricks up their sleeves

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