iPad 4 takes on Nexus 10 in comparison battle

In the run up to the festive season, no doubt many will be contemplating picking up a tablet either for themselves or for a loved one. And two slates that will be battling for your hard earned cash this Christmas will be Apple’s latest large iOS slate, and its Android rival the Google Nexus 10, unless of course you prefer the smaller iOS tablet and Android slates.

So with the holiday season fast approaching, and considering there will be many out there wanting to pick up either the Apple iPad 4 or the Nexus 10, what we have for your viewing consideration below is a comparison video pitting the Apple slate up against the Android tablet.

The Nexus 10 versus the iPad 4 video lasts almost eleven and a half minutes and takes a look at both premium tablets that have a fair bit in common such as a high resolution display, dual core processors, but which one of these two can come out the winner and grab your holiday season cash?

Obviously there are those iOS faithful that will quickly say that the iPad 4 is the be all and end all of tablets, whilst likewise the Android faithful will naturally defend the Android Jelly Bean slate, which is all well and good, but perhaps one should view the comparison footage before making up their mind one way or the other.

Of course if the biggest thing when considering picking up a tablet happens to be the price, well the Nexus 10 does offer the edge in the pricing department at $100 cheaper than the iPad 4, although one does have to accept that the reason Apple gear is considered top of the game is partly down to Apple’s premium design, but that’s not to say that the Nexus 10 design is bad, but shall we say more modest in order to achieve that lower price.

Anyway, naturally when purchasing a tablet, it basically comes right down to what you can afford at the time, and your personal preference, whether you want to join iOS or Android. So I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to mash that play button so you can make up your own mind…enjoy.


One thought on “iPad 4 takes on Nexus 10 in comparison battle”

  1. This was a solid comparison. I didn’t see any bias towards either side and the reviewer did a great job and highlighting the differences. It was good to finally see a reviewer being honest about two features that most reviewers are quite shady on.
    First, the battery has been getting all kinds of misinformation from reviewers. I have seen some claim that it only has a 7 hour battery life, when there isn’t one bit of evidence to support that. Tests I have seen give it 8.5-9 hours of video playback. I also liked how this review tested battery life of realistic usage rather than looping a video nonstop. It sounds like the Exynos chip inside the Nexus 10 consumes less battery during idle times. This is key to me as I don’t use my tablet nonstop during the day, and I don’t want all my battery to be sucked down from it simply sitting idle.
    Second, this reviewer pointed out that the Apple store has more apps in it. This of course is very common with other reviewers. However the part that I found stands out, is that this reviewer noted that the Android market is not far behind and is quickly closing the gap. Most of the reviewers make it out to sound like the Apple app store is way ahead of the Android market on app count. The truth is, Apple app store is near 800,000 and the Android market is just over 700,000. The relative difference isn’t much, and the Android market is growing at a faster rate. It is expected that the Apple app store will hit 1 million apps first, but the Android market will be right behind it and could even beat it to that mark.
    Thanks for a good and non-biased review. Hopefully uninformed and misinformed consumers who are trying to decide will find this video.

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