New hope for iOS 6 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak via video

The Apple iPhone 5 and iOS 6 operating system has been with us for around two months now, and that elusive untethered jailbreak for the handset still hasn’t appeared even though it is obvious the jailbreaking team will be hard at work trying to find a solution, but there is new hope for an iOS 6 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak following a video that has emerged.

We have been trying to keep you all informed with the latest news regarding the eagerly awaited jailbreak, and there has been many scams and false hopes about the availability of an untethered iOS 6 or 6.01 jailbreak for the likes of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Now a video has appeared from the @ArDevTeam that is hinting of the upcoming availability of their jailbreak, and shows the user experiencing the slow process of loading Cydia. This seems on face value to be proof of an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5,4S, iPad 3 and other hardware.

The video shows what seems to be an iPhone 4S running on iOS 6.01 with Cydia that as you all know is normally associated with a jailbreak, and the person that has uploaded the video is the founder of the ARB Dev Team.

According to their Twitter profile they are an iOS and OSX development team, and many users may have never heard of them, but if this is the real deal, all be it on the iPhone 4S, such a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 may be getting a lot closer.

The team has tweeted stating that the jailbreak is tethered for the Apple A6 chip, and while there is no proof that it is running on an iOS device using an A6 processor, it could be that it is actually an iPhone 5 jailbreak.

There are many though that are suggesting this video is actually fake, and at the end of the day many of the jailbreaking team members will have full time jobs and work on offering a jailbreaking solution in the spare time for the benefit of users.

Many iPhone 5 users though that want to jailbreak the device are thinking of ditching the handset in favour of the Android platform, but those that are sticking with it will just have to wait unfortunately. Do you think this video is fake?


40 thoughts on “New hope for iOS 6 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak via video”

  1. Benzinho says:

    Many iPhone 5 users though that want to jailbreak the device are thinking of ditching the handset in favour of the Android platform
    No, “many” are not.
    If that was the case they could have bought an Android in the first place.
    They wanted an Iphone and so that’s what they bought.
    The jb is coming.

    1. dissapointed 5 says:

      i got my upgrade, only reason i got the iphone 5 so early. dont get me wrong, beautiful device, but compared to the latest andriods, without a jailbreak, it simply cant compete. i shudder at the thought of switching, but if it is confirmed that a jailbreak isnt coming anytime soon, or even at all, its a move im going to have to make. such a shame apple are to dominating, they surely see they would have had an even larger market sure if they where a little more open sourced. i know i would turn a blind eye to something that isnt illegal and make more money! FOOLS!

          1. Tim says:

            I forth this. iPhone is boring without jailbreak. Its suppose to be a “fun” device. Bought an iPhone 5 on the sept21, waiting for the jailbreak. Without it, Id be an Andriod user.

          2. Zee says:

            I eighth this. Ios without jb sucks. Apple is not interested in making money from ppl who wants to jb. It is their lost.

    1. shakur ali FAKE! says:

      no its not, stop trolling about every article! no doubt mr “Shakur Ali” you are behind the FAKE video. you are clearly just looking to gain hits. please PISS OFF. the dev teams know the systems inside out, when and if they release it THEY will confirm

    1. anon1 says:

      actually there are ways to display a false version # in settings via jailbreak apps (namely ifile). All this video proved is that they were using a jailbroken iPhone 4/4s… I would be more convinced if they showcased some iOS 6 specific features in the video as well as running Cydia

      1. chi says:

        sorry fake..
        u can change the plist so that it show what eva version u want ..
        also why bother covering cydia menu ?
        in this vid the phone is running 5.1.1 with ios6 themes

  2. Djxtra74a says:

    They should do another vid showing everything working a cydia tweak winter board anything and make the vid bright so we can clearly see everything, I check about twice a day for news n just want it to happen I would donate if they would bring it out now even £1 each they would have a fortune but they r not money driven as we know big up pod2g n the crew

  3. snos2 says:

    who in the right mind would ditch a apple device for a android ,,, pmsl ..
    it doesnt matter what the android device there is no comparison ,,
    yes ive had both android and apple ,,
    its a no brainer really:

  4. DanielHsu2 says:

    Stop posting the same thing over and over again. Their video is just a .plist edit and/or xcode.

    Eventually when they release a “download”, it will likely be a botnet-esque type o malware.

  5. theonefoster says:

    When ios6 came out, the number of cogs on the settings icon increased. I don’t know why. The settings app has fewer cogs than in ios6. It’s a fake video.

  6. ninja says:

    F this, I am not waiting, I ditchin this crapple iphone 5 for an android, its poo anyways, terrible battery and everyone hs one, its not what i thought it would be and without a JB its useless!

  7. dan says:

    i can make any iphone do that we needed him to open cydia and if the ios fimware eg 6.0.1 ent at the top and s only at the bottom of the page it pake , i could change that anyone can , u could write your name in there, probs a fake !!!!! keep away until a free jailbreak people have used works

  8. I LOVE my iPhone 5. I kept my 4s until I updated it to iOS 6 and broke my jailbreak. I used it for a couple more weeks but it was no use to me if I couldn’t jailbreak it and I have to have apples latest device. Despite what anyone else thinks I still choose iOS over android. Not coming from an apple fan that’s never owned an android, I have owned lots of the newest androids mainly because if there is a big enough argument about it being better than the iphone I make sure I try it. Android is ok for whoever wants it. It’s all preference. I have fallen in love with Mac over ANY windows computer just because I’m so used to the easy and simple interface. I admit I can’t wait to jailbreak my iphone 5… But whether it takes two weeks, two months, or whatever I would NEVER go android, the iOS keeps up with android even without a jailbreak! —- IG:: KiwiDivine 💋

  9. Jaystar says:

    Don’t care if the video is fake or real iphone 5 is crap without a jailbreak but Siri is good enough for the mean time devs already have a jailbreak just needs to work bugs out they also need to take long because I’m sure they got there hands in with apple in a agreement to release a jailbreak every other iOS version as far as the devices come on the same exploit can’t keep working guys. Dev team and apple are working together they wouldn’t want u to know that for certain reasons just as our government liying to us same situation here

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