Nexus 4 against iPhone 5 in big boys battle video

Obviously there will always be comparisons between Android and Apple gear, but today we have a battle of the big boys on both platforms for your viewing consideration below. Yes folks it’s time for the Android versus iOS top notch smartphone battle that pits the Nexus 4 against the iPhone 5 to see just how both handsets stack up against each other.

The Google Nexus 4 versus the Apple iPhone 5 comparison video comes our way courtesy of Phone Arena, who have also done quite an in-depth article comparing these two high end devices, which you can read in its entirety over on their website, but if you don’t have time for that lengthy article you can simply check out the video below.

The Nexus 4 is considered the premier Android smartphone currently available, and well we all know the iPhone 5 is Apple’s premier darling device, so the footage sets out to find out if one smartphone has the edge over the other as we approach the holiday buying season.

Now obviously no matter what a video comparison’s results, neither the iOS faithful or the Android faithful are going to agree, as both will defend their platforms flagship device to the death, and will never concede defeat to the rival device, which is to be expected.

Personally I have always used Android devices, not because I don’t like the iPhone, but because being a bit of a tight git, I find Apple gear simply way too expensive, and of course when I want an app for my Android device I can usually get it for free, rather than having to pay like most iOS users. But that is my own personal view, and maybe if Apple ever did deliver a new handset that wasn’t so expensive to purchase I might be persuaded to give an iPhone a whirl.

I do have friends and colleagues that swear by the iPhone, saying the smartphone simply works with all other Apple devices, which is great as long as you have other Apple devices and buy into the whole Apple gear is the best scenario. However Android has a great deal going for it, and many will agree, so for now I’ll stick with Android.

Sorry I was getting off the point there, anyway, back to that Nexus 4 versus iPhone 5 comparison, I wont bother listing the specs of each device because I’m sure you’ll already know them, so without further ado I’ll shut up and let to get to mashing that play button…enjoy.

Are you faithful to Android or iOS, and would you ever consider changing your loyalty?


5 thoughts on “Nexus 4 against iPhone 5 in big boys battle video”

  1. sam says:

    there is no battle really – nexus 4 doesn’t exist yet really – having tried for a few weeks to get one and still not able to order one – don’t think comparisons come into it really.

  2. davelalande says:

    Great review, thanks… I ordered the Nexus 4 16GB although alot of members of my family have the iPhone. I am a power user and more comfortable at a file level. I own the iPad Gen 3 and it’s somewhat restrictive about working with files that aren’t acquired via the Apple Eco System. I look forward to working with my Nexus and the Google products.

    Again, great review.

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