Galaxy S3 still outselling iPhone 5 in UK

Now we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a big success for Samsung, and one very popular smartphone, and over here in the United Kingdom the Galaxy S3 is still more popular than its iOS rival the iPhone 5, as the Android smartphone continues to outsell Apple’s latest darling smartphone on British soil.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has again managed to retain the crown as the most popular smartphone in the United Kingdom for the seventh consecutive month according to the latest figures reports an article over on Trusted Reviews.

Those newest figures are apparently compiled by Uswitch and have been based on pay monthly sales, pre-orders and live searches, which show that whilst the Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps hold of that number one selling spot, the iPhone 4S has overtaken the iPhone 5 to grab the number two slot, whilst the latest version of the iOS smartphone comes in third, with the Samsung Galaxy S2 grabbing fourth position.

We all know that when the Google guys released the Nexus 4, the smartphone rapidly ran out of stock in just thirty minutes, and that rapid high demand for the Android Jelly Bean handset means the device has managed to grab fifth place in UK smartphone sales charts.

As for the rest of the top ten smartphone sales in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Ace comes in sixth, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 grabbed seventh place whilst the Sony Xperia U came in eighth, the HTC One X managed to get ninth position and in the tenth spot came the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

Telecoms expert at Uswitch, Ernest Doku has commented that the Galaxy S3 has managed to retain that top slot because of its affordable price point, although whether the Android smartphone can keep that top slot to be the best selling smartphone at Christmas still remains to be seen.

But is does look like us Brits prefer the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the iPhone 5, and in some cases even the iPhone 4S over its bigger screen sibling, although there is always a possibility that the iPhone 4S could topple the SGS3 from the number one slot in the run up to Christmas as the price falls.

Still it is nice to know that an Android smartphone has managed to retain the top UK smartphone slot for seven months on the trot, and there’s always a good chance that the Galaxy S3 could be the number one smartphone come Christmas.

What do our UK readers think, will the Galaxy S3 be the top selling smartphone in December, or do you think the iPhone will snatch that crown?

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