Galaxy Note 10.1 performance improvement with Bamboo Stylus feel

There are many ways to help enhance your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, with many owners looking to a number of third-party accessories. There’s a huge choice available to you in the build-up to the Holiday Season, but we’re afraid that one such accessory (the Bamboo Stylus feel) designed to offer a performance improvement for your Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet will not be due for release until January 7th.

The standard S-Pen that comes with Samsung’s larger tablet is pretty decent and does a good job, but like all things if you need more from your device then you’ll have to look for third-party alternatives. Thankfully Wacom is there to offer a helping hand with their Bamboo Stylus feel, which is finished in 3 color variations.

What makes this stylus perform so well is how it feels a lot like a ballpoint pen, so will make you feel like you’re holding a traditional pen. While this small gadget is ideal for any Android and Windows tablet that supports a stylus, we feel that the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be the perfect tablet because what it can do.

Just like the standard stylus the Bamboo Stylus feel is precise, but Wacom’s goes that little further to make your tablet even more of a joy to use. The 3 variations we mentioned above are the Bamboo Stylus feel carbon, Bamboo Stylus feel black and finally the Bamboo Stylus feel carbon white.

Bamboo Stylus feel carbon
This pen/stylus has a perfect balance to make it much easier to handle, and while it is lightweight it does offer a rugged feel. If there was ever a chance that you could replicate the feel of writing on paper with a tablet device then the Bamboo Stylus feel carbon will best replicate that.

Bamboo Stylus feel black
Like the feel carbon the Bamboo Stylus feel black also uses Wacom feel IT technology, but has a different finish with its black metallic trim to give it a more elegant yet understated look.

Bamboo Stylus feel white
This stylus is identical to the black version, so will offer the user a more precise feel when writing or sketching something. You will also get a choice of two pen tips, firm or soft.

There will still be skeptics out there who feel that going back to using a stylus is like taking a step back, but there are many times where using your finger is just not accurate enough, which is where the stylus comes in. While the standard S-Pen is more than up to the job, those looking to get a little more in the way of performance from certain tablets (see supported tablets here) then the Bamboo Stylus feel is most certainly worth paying that little extra for. For more details visit the official Wacom website.

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