Mobile dreams with Galaxy Note 3 & Xperia PS Vita phone

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) has only been out for a short time many are already looking ahead to the Galaxy Note 3 (Note III). We’ve already posted about what the smartphone might offer but now we’ve come across a new mobile dream for the Galaxy Note 3 that we think our readers will be interested in. We also have details of another concept, the idea of an Xperia PS Vita gaming phone, combining features from the PS Vita console and an Xperia phone.

Although these are concept designs only we often enjoy taking a look at these kind of renders as they can offer some valuable insight into what a device could look like and in the case of really great designs we hope that the designers of the actual product may be taking a few tips. The Galaxy Note 3 concept comes from Victor Greavu, as seen on Concept Phones. The real Galaxy Note 3 is expected to release next fall and we recently told how it’s now looking more likely that it will feature one of Samsung’s new flexible displays that are currently in development. However there’s been little speculation so far on other possible inclusions as far as specs and features go.

Some features for the concept Galaxy Note 3 though include an 8-core Samsung Exynos processor, full HD resolution, form factor only around 7mm thick and up to 3GB of RAM. The concept features a 5.5-inch display again although apparently there are rumors that the real thing could tote a whopping 6.3-inch display.

Moving on to the concept Xperia PS Vita gaming phone, this is a mash-up of the PS Vita and an Xperia phone and resembles the Xperia Play smartphone. This concept came from Brazilian Juliano Brustolin as reported by Concept Phones sourced from Coroflot, and features 3 Android buttons on the face, a touchpad to the reverse and also two analog sticks, action keys, Start, PS button and more to a sliding game area.

This imagined Xperia PS Vita gaming phone also features a front camera, quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage expandable via microSD and a battery capacity of 3000 mAh. You can see a photo of this one above and we’d like to know if you think a phone like this would go down well in the market? What about the concept Galaxy Note 3, is that something you like the look of? What other concept phone designs would you like to see? Let us know with your comments.


5 thoughts on “Mobile dreams with Galaxy Note 3 & Xperia PS Vita phone”

  1. If the Xperia Play Vita Phone could be pulled off, it would be really great. I was a fan of the original Xperia Play. Great concept, poor execution. If the were to release an idea like that to all US carriers, or at least the four major ones, it could do pretty well. That and some sort of better design for the control nubs (the PSP Go proved that a really small control nub killed ones hand).

  2. Alex So says:

    i think this is a pretty good idea. Apple kind of did the same because the Iphone and Ipod touch are pretty much the same its just that one is used for calling and the other used for just games. Now if they can change the ps vita 3G version into a phone then it’d add more value to it. Also they should also somehow change 3G into a 4G to allow gaming online on the go. Of course they’d have to have different aesthetics to them but not so much that its a totally different device. Like make discontinue the ps vita 3G and make a ps vita phone that uses 4G data instead and those who have a ps vita 3G can have the option to swap it for a 4G ps vita or just a wi fi vita. If sony were to do this, it’d be like apple doing ipod and iphone

  3. Chad says:

    I would like to see a Note with a peripherial 10″ screen. The chip itself includes support for WiFi display, and being able to use the same memory/CPU/GPU/LTE for a phone, tablet, and projector would be fantastic. A folio with keyboard for the 10″ peripheral would be nice.
    For Business:
    I would like to walk into a room, connect the not to my 10″ screen and projector, make a presentation, and answer questions with drawing on my 10″ and the notes going on the display.
    For Doctors:
    I would like to walk into an examining room, write my notes onto my tablet, and have that delivered to our archive in real time. If I am examining for an ear infection I don’t want to have a full tablet, 5″ screen would suffice. Ideally the scope would take pictures, send them to the note, and archive.
    For Personal:
    Same device could be used to stream NetFlix to my TV (assuming a high quality 4G unlimited signal). The Note could then operate as my remote while it is receiving LTE and beaming WiFi direct. Load classic atari/nintendo/sega onto the Note, and use the Note as the controller while it is updating the screen.
    Finally, please have Ubuntu for android so I can set this fantastic device up as a home computer. An Exynos 5 quad would do most of what I need, so docking it for writing emails and web surfing would be great.

  4. Tester02 says:

    Hopefully Sony will support the majority customers needs and don’t use the Sony proprietary memory that is currently over priced and lacks storage on their new product.

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