Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 even more likely to feature flexible displays

Although they are both several months away at least, attention in the tech world is already turning to the next editions of Samsung’s flagship devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 are due for release in 2013 and previously we have discussed what changes there might be. We have also mentioned the possibility of flexible displays being used and news today suggests that the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are even more likely to feature flexible displays now.

Samsung flexible displays are something that have been on the radar for some time. Indeed we were even wondering about the possibility of them coming to the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 although both arrived without them. Back in October talk of these flexible displays increased again as there had been rumors that they may be ready as early as Q3 this year but that mass production of them had met with some problems. Hence we heard that the flexible displays would now make an appearance in 2013 instead. Following that, a couple of weeks ago we then heard that the development of these flexible displays was in the final stages and that they were expected for the first half of 2013.

Now evidence is mounting even further that these new bendable displays could be replacing glass screens in Samsung phones in 2013, which of course means that it’s now completely plausible to think that both the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 will sport them. Benefits of flexible displays rather than traditional glass will be that displays will be more durable and harder to damage and devices will also be slimmer and lighter and could also be bendy. A new report from the BBC talks about growing speculation that Samsung is now in a stronger position to mass-produce the flexible displays and reinforces the likelihood that they will be in evidence in the first devices next year.

The BBC asserts that Samsung is likely to be the first manufacture to deliver these new displays although others such as LG, Sharp and Sony are also in the game. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display technology will be used by Samsung and this will result in the next-generation displays being foldable and rollable as the plastic substrate is more flexible, lighter and thinner than when using LCD technology. As well as this OLED allows for better color reproduction and devices using OLED flexible displays may also use less power than with conventional LCD technology.

Other manufacturers are looking at alternative flexible displays. For instance many e-book readers use e-ink displays but most of these types of display are used in devices that have a rigid glass screen. LG though has been looking into making e-ink displays that are fully flexible and has now started to produce such screens. Another technology being used for flexible display development uses graphene and this is something that could completely revolutionize electronics.

Graphene is described as stronger than diamond but also flexible, lightweight, transparent and with good conduction qualities and yet it is actually a sheet of carbon only one atom thick! Professor Andrea Ferrari of Cambridge University is working on graphene bendy displays for the future and is also in collaboration on this with Nokia. Regarding flexible displays Professor Ferrari describes Samsung as “really quite advanced in this field,” adding that some good developments are also taking place using Nokia prototypes in Cambridge.

Imagine the possibility then that the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 (or both) next year could have flexible displays. Mobile devices are constantly becoming slimmer and lighter and this would mean the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 could be slimmer and lighter still as well as more durable and possibly even bendable.

Are you a fan of the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note line and already contemplating purchasing the next iteration of either when they launch next year? How would you feel about them having flexible displays and would you appreciate the benefits? Maybe you’re concerned about whether these flexible displays would ramp up the price of the Galaxy S4 or Note 3? Let us know by sending your comments.


26 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 even more likely to feature flexible displays”

  1. qhfeb says:

    “devices will also be slimmer and lighter and could also be bendy”

    It would make much cooler devices if ALL of the components would bend. If it’s only the screen, the design would be either “unbendable” area below the screen, like in the first picture above, or just a bending cover which would double as screen.

    Another thing is how many times you could bend the screen before it snaps.

  2. ricjy35 says:

    i’ll buy the s4 despite what display they’ll use and even its increase in prices by using the rumoured flexible display, one thing is certain thats the s4 will absolutely amazing, i have great experience with my current s3, i’ll buy any galaxy s line when its release and regardless of how much cuz it worth every pennies.

  3. dumbphone says:

    Any developments in reinforcing smartphone screens is worth every penny, flexible or not, not sure about all this thinner crap tho, I think smartphones are perfectly fine at their current weight/thickness.

  4. Note Lover says:

    I will always stay with my Galaxy Note series so will purchase it regardless of the display. It would be pretty cool but as ghfeb states, would the rest of phone components be bendable as well? I don’t think I’d be routinely bending my phone lol but would be nice to know it’s more durable.

  5. I will be buying the Samsung S4 no mater what it brings to the plate. It will undoubtedly be more innovative than my iPhone 5. That said, I do not think it will be possible to bend any phone like the above picture. Silicone chips and cores do not like to be bent.

    But then Samsung is the new “king” of innovation and I am just an end user. What ever they present to us will be remarkable,……..I’m sure.

    1. TAUSMC says:

      Yes it will. The whole reason for the Flexible OLED isn’t for the phone to be bendy but for the screen to be unbreakable, thinner so they can put a bigger battery in, and lighter.

  6. coolguy says:

    i am using s3 now n if s4 with flexible display appears in the market , i dont waste time for thinking about purchase just go for it n purchase…………………….

  7. Apple_Sucks says:

    My next phone will be a Galaxy S4 since my contract is up and the S4 is what Im waiting for no matter what screen it has. Even if its glass its still hopefully 1080p HD as they are expecting.

  8. davedutah says:

    Hmm, this could be really interesting if the screen could roll up tightly. Imagine having a device the size of a small phone these days. It contains the battery, circuit boards camera, sensors and other unbendable stuff–plus a rolled up screen.

    You pull it out of your pocket to use it, and you just grab the side of the device and pull. The screen unrolls out of the long side of the phone. Now you’ve got a 7 inch screen at your disposal. When done, you push a release button, and the spring-loaded winder rolls up screen.

    With the screen rolled up, it’s like a small phone. With the screen out, it’s like a tablet. Now THAT would be something I’d trade in my Note2 for!

  9. Faisal says:

    If Apple don’t catch up and concentrate only on the build quality and keep annoying their customers with such arrogance as in case of apple maps, in a couple of years down the line, we will all have to say R.I.P Apple. ( Sorry for my Bad English)

    1. Andrew me says:

      The problem as I see it for Apple is that they entered the market with a lot of use of existing technology that was not being used in mobile phones to a big extent at the time, so whatever they came out with would have been looked at as being innovative, now that everyone else has caught up to using the available tech for smartphones they are surpassing Apple because they are not only using the existing technology but spend a lot on r&d for future technologies to be implemented in there devices. Apple has to wait for the tech to become available to them as they are useless at innovating, and that is not from a fanboy of any phone,I actually own an old flip Nokia from 12 years ago.

  10. How do you interact with a screen that is soft or bendable? How would you do Swype? How would you scroll etc. Would it still be touch sensitive? How would you tap it and select something when it would move or bend. Sounds kind of far-fetched to me. Also sounds gimmicky.

  11. Psychlone says:

    Samsung will license the product to Apple, then Apple will sue Samsung for patent infringement (even though they didn’t come up with the idea) like they try to do with anyone who dares to innovate and not treat their customers like sheep.

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