Nokia Lumia 920 bites the AK47 bullet: video

The mobile space is littered with smartphone test videos where we see handsets put through all kinds of tests to see if a handset can come out unscathed, and usually it’s the top smartphones that are put through theses torture tests. So we have one torture test for our readers viewing consideration below that puts the Nokia Lumia 920 up against an AK47 assault rifle.

Now most torture test videos put a device through such tests as drops, run over by a vehicle, battery tests, and the like and mostly those devices don’t come out too bad off, usually with a few scratches and scrapes or a shattered display depending on the severity of the test of course.

However when it comes to taking a few bullet hits, well naturally any smartphone isn’t going to withstand that type of abuse, so the outcome of this Nokia Lumia 920 versus an AK47 assault rifle isn’t going to surprise anyone.

We are not really sure just why someone would want to fire off several rounds at a piece of tech gear, as it is pretty obvious it isn’t going to survive, but hey it is fun to watch a bullet go through a smartphone in slow motion right?

However, the guy in the footage isn’t satisfied with simply putting a bullet through the Windows Phone, and decides to stick some explosives on the smartphone, and then fires off a few more rounds which when hit explodes and completely destroys the handset. All in the name of fun I’m sure, but it still baffles me somewhat just why anyone would want to destroy something that costs money just for the sake of destroying it.

Anyway, if you are into seeing smartphones biting the bullet, or really want to see the Nokia Lumia 920 explode, all you need to do is head on down and hit that play button to check out the footage…enjoy.


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