Apple changing world geography to conform with Maps: video

Ever since Apple decided to give Google Maps the boot and deliver their own Apple Maps app for iOS devices, the fruity named company has received quite a bit of flak over Apple Maps giving out wrong directions and the such. They received so much flax over Apple Maps that CEO Tim Cook went as far as releasing an apology to their website along with recommending alternative Maps apps.

However, the debacle that is Apple Maps still continues, and we know that Apple is working hard to fix the Apple Maps software, but thus far Apple Maps is still bad. As such Apple isn’t going to get away without receiving a bit of a slap over Apple Maps in the form of a numerous video put out by The Onion.

The Onion has put out a quite funny video whereby they report that Apple has decided that in order to make their Apple Maps work better, they have decided to change the Earth’s geography to conform with Apple Maps.

As it is the end of the week, and most people could do with a bit of a laugh, we thought we’d pass that humorous slap at Apple Maps along to our readers, so you will find the footage below for your viewing pleasure.

Have to say that this little snipe at Apple Maps is quite deserved and funny, with the like of Apple renaming streets, destroying landmarks and switching the locations of buildings so that Apple Maps will finally work properly.

Although I have to say that Apple putting London in Canada is taking things to the extreme. However the report does say that Google is working on a rival Earth that would return things to just how you remember it.

Anyway if you fancy a bit of a giggle this Friday, you can head on down and mash that play button to check out the funny slap at Apple Maps…enjoy.


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