GTA Vice City for Android delay frustration, Rockstar apologies

There have been an awful lot of people waiting for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City apps to appear for the Android and iOS platform and Rockstar previously announced the release for both as December 6th, yesterday. However although the iOS version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad duly turned up, the Android app for GTA Vice City didn’t appear, causing a certain amount of consternation among eager Android gamers. We now hear that Rockstar has apologized for the delay of Vice City for Android and wonder how you feel about this?

Yesterday we told of the release date for both platforms but that the Android version hadn’t yet appeared on the Google Play Store. We later updated our post to explain that the Android GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition appeared briefly on Google Play and some users reported validation error messages coming up when attempting to install the game, before the game disappeared from the store again. It seems though that Rockstar is aware of the issue and has now issued an apology to Android users who were hoping they’d be playing GTA Vice City by now.

The failed launch is frustrating plenty of Android users but you may be even more frustrated to know that Android Vice City may now not be available until later next week. Rockstar firstly updated its publicity release about the launch on Android and iOS yesterday and acknowledged the validation issue, saying that the Android game was currently not available. It also cautioned people that if they see the app in error at Google Play at the moment, not to attempt to download it.

Following this, Rockstar added another update saying that the slight delay of GTA Vice City for Android is due to “unforeseen technical issues” and given the “end of next week” as their goal for a release. Rockstar also asks that people check for updates and apologizes to all of their fans using devices running Android. You can see the Rockstar release here and this is also the link where you should be able to find future updates for release information on GTA Vice City for Android.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this as reader comments to our post yesterday already showed that some were getting bothered that the Android game wasn’t yet available, and that was before the apology from Rockstar saying it hoped it would become available at the end of next week.

Are you one of those who are frustrated that you can’t yet install Android GTA Vice City? Maybe you’re satisfied that Rockstar has at least let potential customers know about the launch difficulties and given a new possible timeframe for the release? We’ve noticed many times from comments that Android device fans often feel that their platform comes second to iOS as far as game releases go? Let us know with your comments.


20 thoughts on “GTA Vice City for Android delay frustration, Rockstar apologies”

  1. Bertie boy says:

    Not fair that apple users get in on the action before android users should of pulled plug on ios aswell so that it all goes on market at same time.. work ur asses of and get this sorted

  2. very disapointed gta fan says:

    Appologies from big companies are nothing but form letters. If they are truly sorry they should make the game free or atleast make it half off for a limited time for its android customers.

  3. another disappointed GTA fan says:

    I love my android and I would never resort to buying an iOS device (mainly because of their price tags!) But I’m with a lot of other users when I say that its unfair that iOS get everything first! I understand that having a lot of platforms android can be a bit tricky when it comes to creating apps, but developers should know this by now and should take the time to create a polished app for its intended release date. Apps should be tried and tested before they are released rather than just hoping for the best! nevertheless I’m sure GTA vice city will be as crisp as ever when it is released,so until that time we’ll all have to make do with GTA 3.

  4. John Papagni says:

    It’s not a big deal, when the game is ready, it will be
    release. I’m sure Rockstar did not do this on prepuce; they are losing
    money every day the game is not launched successfully. People are asking why
    iPhones Ipad always have the “cool” stuff first. That might be true but that’s all
    Apple has for them. I rather stay with my Android and enjoy all the FREE goodies
    Android has over Apple. I would never want to be held back with my electronics
    like Apple does on their products, if I buy a device I should have full access to
    that item. I laugh when I see someone using an iPhone. I would rather wait a
    few extra days. What is the big deal? It’s not the end of the world. Rockstar
    always provided great entertainment for all us gamers out there. It would be
    nice if Rockstar lowered the price, even for just the first few hours or first
    day of release. This will give gamers more incent to support a company who will
    prove they are thinking about their fans/buyers. GTA VC will be great Android
    app once its ready and I feel Rockstar will fix the issues as soon as possible.

  5. genius kid says:

    Apple sent a guy in to the android developers office to sabotage the launch making apple look better. Do you really believe in 2012 there is technical issues releasing an app? Kinda like how Xbox live gets stuff a month before ps3. They want more people to buy Xbox the same way apple wants more people to buy apple. But u know how I feel ? F apple suck it

  6. Disgruntled Mobile Gamer says:

    This just shows you have companies have a distorted view of where their priorities should be. They have to realize that many people are beginning to realize that iOS devices are limited in their functionality and are way overpriced. Any right minded person would purchase a nexus 7 ($199) rather than an iPad Mini ($329) which has a lower resolution screen and less features. If you pulled your head out of your ass for 5 seconds and focused on getting the android port to at least work instead of doing fancy things like creating special iOS in game soundtracks we would be playing this game right now! Rockstar has lost all of my respect.

  7. Luke monster says:

    OH dear, I’m will not pay for a game that failed such a pety thing, pirate bay hear i come, jst kidding, rockstar all the way, but seriously come the fuch on!

  8. Lazerdog1 says:

    How come all these big companies make games for IOS and android and promise release dates for both, but on the day Android users always get shafted but IOS users always get there games without a glitch and on time. Android own more of the market than apple but still we get nothing only lame excuses. What is wrong with making the games to work on all devices before you release them, if they can’t do it don’t set a date.

  9. Kent Paul says:

    I have been waiting for this game for 6 months…. Another week isn’t going to make a difference. I would rather it be awesome when it comes out than be out a week early and rubbish

  10. TenBear says:

    It’s funny how many people are whining on about “why does Apple get things first?” You can second guess Rockstars statement all you like but the truth is is not out yet so grow up, co your jets and be patient.

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