Motorola targets Samsung with RAZR HD vs Galaxy S3 ad

We are used to seeing Android device manufacturers go head-to-head with Apple in bids to promote their product but something that hasn’t been quite so evident is one Android OEM going up against another. It seems that’s all about to change though as Motorola is targeting Samsung with a new ad campaign pitting its Droid Razr HD against the phenomenally successful Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S3 (S III).

Both Apple and Motorola are in the midst of legal patent battles with Apple and we are used to seeing this and also Android platform devices being promoted as rivals to Apple products. Indeed whenever we compare an Android device to an iOS device we always get opinion fiercely divided between loyal enthusiasts of each platform. To see one Android manufacturer taking on another Android manufacturer is pretty rare though but maybe we’ll be seeing more and more of this type of thing as Android is now dominant in the market and Android OEM’s realize that the competition is no longer mainly Apple but other Android device producers.

The new Motorola campaign came to light on Motorola’s Facebook account here, with a photo of the RAZR HD next to the Galaxy S3 and a message above reading, “It’s not easy. downloading… from another galaxy.” Below the photo more text says that the RAZR HD has 49% faster download speeds when compared to the Galaxy S3. Clicking the link on the Facebook page will then take you to a Droid RAZR HD vs Galaxy S3 comparison on Motorola’s site. The comparison looks at battery life, durability and design innovation.

First of all Motorola says that the Droid RAZR HD has 20% more battery performance than the Galaxy S3. Turning to durability Motorola points out that the Droid RAZR HD withstands bumps and spills because of its DuPont KEVLAR fiber and water-repellant nanobacking and then brings up the plastic backing of the Galaxy S3, the one thing that the S3 faced the most criticism for.

Finally the design of the two phones is highlighted showing how slim and sleek the profile of the RAZR HD is compared to the Galaxy S3 and then highlighting some of the key specs and features of the Droid RAZR HD such as LTE, “killer rear and front cameras” and the Super AMOLED HD display.

It’s certainly an interesting look at one phone against another and we’d love to have been a fly on the wall when it was first spotted in Samsung offices. We’ve written many times about both of these handsets and both are extremely impressive smartphones, although the Droid RAZR HD is more recent and our attention is already turning to the Galaxy S4 now.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Droid RAZR HD and Galaxy S3. Do you think one handset has more to offer than the other? Are you surprised to see Motorola set itself in opposition against Samsung in this way? Send your comments on this to let us know.


4 thoughts on “Motorola targets Samsung with RAZR HD vs Galaxy S3 ad”

  1. Volkan Can says:

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and I’ve been plagued with poor signal strength and voice call quality. I even exchanged it for another and the problem persists. So, after some Googling, I found out that a TON of other Nexus owners were having the same problems. Hell, my daughter is using my original moto droid now, and she always gets better signal strength and call quality that I do, at home, or wherever else we go together.

    Anyway, many of the forum users said they moved to the Motorola Razr HD or Maxx and they said it was like a night and day difference for signal and call quality. So, I called Verizon, again, and got them to switch me to the Razr HD – they would not switch me to the Maxx, unfortunately, even when I offered to pay a little for it.

    So, I supposedly get the new Razr tomorrow and I’m done for good with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Well, at least I hope so. I’ll be pretty upset if the Razr doesn’t get better reception.

    I did LOVE the Nexus, but for everything OTHER than actually using it as a phone! 🙁

  2. Akin Tosin says:

    Where was Motorola when samsong first came mild this year? Samsung is now thinking about galaxy S4 which will soon be out any time from next year. The World should be exspecting more innovations from dominat Samsung, motorola should be compiting with Tecno mobile not Samsung.

  3. c2droid says:

    This is definitely the right strategy for Motorola. Let Samsung, the dominate Android market share leader, and selling more s3’s than apple sells iPhones, take on Apple, while Motorola takes on Samsung, to capture Android customers. Android dominates the market with over 50% and it is important that Motorola grab a significant share of that to stay relevant or become the next HTC or RIM. I like Samsung ads projecting Apple as old school and outdated, while Samsung is young and hip with new features. If every Android vendor only compares to Apple, Apple benefits with free advertisement. In my opinion, they could make apple less relevant by not mentioning them at all. Motorola’s strength has always been their hardware design with rugged packaging, great antenna design and exceptional voice quality. However, their software has lagged, and they struggled with blur, but hopefully with their new owners, they will get their software vision on track. I don’t get their ads, they need new marketing and should focus on features users actually care about and want. I have let woken up and wanted to use my phone to blow a hole in my wall. Longer battery life is clearly a Motorola advantage, but they must get more creative with the software and applications to differentiate from Samsung. It should be interesting.

  4. Mike O says:

    I purchase a new smartphone every 12 months. My last was a Galaxy S2 which was up for changeover 2 months ago. It had been a fabulous phone from a functional perspective however had 2 major disappointments being 1. Battery life sucked (I was running 2 spares) and the build quality was poor, as after 12 months was evidenced by a ratty back plastic cover and the phone feeling like it was flexing during use. So two major items for my next phone were battery life and build quality. The S3 i kow from a friend with one had not addressed these issues. Other factors for me were also reception (signal strength) and functionality of course. The Motorola Razr HD stacked up on paper and this has translated into reality for me. I’m very impressed with the build quality (the two screws you can see are so cool) and performance of this phone, battery life is far superior but can still be improved and reception is definitely better (Telstra network). In 10 months time I’ll be keen to see what Motorola/Google have.

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