Galaxy Note 2 cheap alternative by Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is arguably the most sought after smartphone currently available to consumers around the world, and the device along with the original version has created a new niche part of the mobile phone market in the form of the phablet device. This has led to a number of other smartphone manufacturers bringing out hardware that offer a similar sized display, but now it seems that Samsung are working on a cheaper Galaxy Note 2 alternative to offer to consumers.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 may have a large screen, but it also comes with a premium price bracket as well though, but KnowYourMobile are suggesting that Samsung is working on a cheaper alternative to the popular device. It is being claimed that the new smartphone will have a screen similar in size but with cheaper components buried inside the casing.

Things such as the clever Samsung S Pen stylus will also not be available on the handset, and you would have thought Samsung wouldn’t want to upset all those that have recently splashed out on the Galaxy Note 2 by offering a cheaper device with similar specs.

At the time of writing there isn’t much more information on the rumour such as processor and storage information, but the device isn’t thought to feature a Super AMOLED screen, and will instead either use a regular OLED or even an LCD display of some kind.

It is thought though that Samsung may unveil its new cheaper phablet device next month at the CES event in Las Vegas, or failing that at the Mobile World Congress in February if there is any truth in the rumours.

There may be many consumers that would like to own a smartphone with a bigger screen around the size of the Galaxy Note 2, but the handset is expensive to purchase unlocked and often comes with expensive monthly contracts. So if Samsung or any other company for that matter releases a Galaxy Note sized smartphone for a cheaper price it could prove just as popular as its more expensive cousin.

As long as the device has a processor and battery that can cope with a larger screen size and the display is of a reasonable standard, it could be quite successful. Some may suggest that if the Note 2 is out of someone’s reach financially they could always get last year’s model, but this is still priced pretty high despite the amount of time it has been available.

Do you think it makes sense for Samsung to provide a cheaper Galaxy Note 2 alternative?


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