Top 10 iPhone Apps That Will Make Your Christmas Better

If you are one of those people that looks forward to the Christmas holiday months before it arrives, you are probably looking for ways to make your holiday brighter and happier. This year the increased used use of mobile devices has helped to make the holiday season enjoyable for most people with a wide selection of apps for the iPhone. When you visit the App Store for the iPhone, there are hundreds of thousands of apps, which are exciting but it also makes it difficult to choose the quality apps that will add sparkle to your Christmas holiday.

To make things easier, here are the top 10 iPhone apps for this Christmas season. We know you will have a wonderful Christmas, but here are some apps to make it even better. Please do let us know, which one below you love the most and of course if we have not listed it here then let us know what you prefer as your favourite app, thanks.

iChristmas Tree
Did you ever think about adding cheer to your Christmas holiday by creating your own iPhone Christmas tree? The new iChristmas Tree app allows you to customize your own iPhone Christmas tree. The app is complete with a wide selection of decorations to create the most beautiful Christmas tree that will enhance your holiday season and bring happiness to all those who see it.

Let It Snow
One of the joys of the Christmas season is seeing the glass ball keepsakes that contain a peaceful wintery scene. When you turn the ball upside down and right side up again you can watch it snow. The Let It Snow app recreates this simple joy by providing you with a way to make it snow on your iPhone screen. Let It Snow will convert your iPhone into a winter wonderland and provide you with peaceful scene throughout the holiday season.

Christmas Countdown
Now you can keep track of the number of days left until Christmas so you are never stressed with your holiday shopping and planning. The Christmas Countdown app is a free app that converts your iPhone into a Christmas timer that delivers delightful Christmas music while you keep track of the days until Christmas.

Vintage Christmas Cards
Everyone loves Christmas cards from bygone eras, which add warmth and cheer to the holiday season. The Vintage Christmas Cards app allows you to have access to a wide selection of those great old Christmas cards available in the palm of your hand. The selection begins with cards that date back to the Victorian era right through to cards from Post-War America. You can use the cards as wallpaper or send them to your friends that enjoy vintage holiday items.

Better Christmas List
Enjoy the holiday season without facing a mountain of debt after the holidays with the Better Christmas List app. This is a cool app that allows you to organize your Christmas shopping to ensure you never leave anyone out, never overspend, and complete your shopping on time. You can easily organize your shopping into groups including family and friends and then use a passcode to prevent others from ruining your holiday surprises by peeking on Santa.

Christmas Book
If you enjoy having an old fashioned holiday, you will love Christmas Book for the iPhone, which offers a selection of well-known Christmas stories and songs. You can use the app to have an old-fashioned story telling by the Christmas tree and fireplace. You can choose from famous Christmas stories such as Twas the Night Before Christmas and enjoy the stories along with a small selection of notable Christmas songs.

Christmas Bells

Easily get everyone in the holiday spirit with the Christmas Bells app, which allows you to turn your iPhone into a festive device by selecting from three different Christmas bell sounds. Simply choose the bell tone you want to use and then shake your iPhone to enjoy Santa’s sleigh bells with your friends and family.

Christmas Songs
Inspire everyone to get into the holiday spirit with the Christmas Sounds app for the iPhone. Choose from a selection of different Christmas sounds such as a warm crackling fire, the sound of wrapping paper, Santa’s reindeer, and the sound of Santa’s ho-ho-ho, as well as play Christmas songs in the background for anyone that you call. The sounds of Christmas can be virtually anywhere you take your iPhone.

Tree Snow Globe 3D
Convert your iPhone to one of those beautiful snow globes that everyone enjoys at Christmastime. The Snow Globe 3D Tree app allows you to activate a 3D Christmas scene simply by shaking your iPhone. The scenes change for each day that comes closer to Christmas and between day and night scenes. Tap on the decorated tree in the scene and you can turn the Christmas lights on and off.

Christmas SnowPhone

The Christmas SnowPhone allows you to use your iPhone to send that last minute Christmas card, enjoy a complete old-fashioned Christmas village, and use your iPhone as a beautiful customized snow globe. Choose from a selection of backgrounds, add the scenery and people, and then decorate the scene to provide a unique and peaceful Christmas scene. Shake your iPhone and watch it snow over a beautiful Christmas village scene.

These are some of the top iPhone apps that will make your Christmas better, brighter, and happier. Each app is available in the iPhone App Store some of which are paid and others that are free. Now you can use your iPhone this season to build the joy and excitement of Christmas for your friends, family, and loved ones.

About the author: Gabriela is a tech enthusiast, passionate about the mobile industry and gadgets. She’s a technology entrepreneur, co-founder of UnlockUnit.com.

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